Give/redirect your tax dollars to break the foster care system cycle


What if your tax dollars could directly invest in an AZ foster child’s future? They Can.

Do you know where your tax dollars go? On each paycheck, you have deductions that go toward the federal, state and local government. You pay these income taxes every two weeks and then may owe more come April when it’s time to file your returns. If you are expected to pay out of your own earnings, shouldn’t you know what you are paying for?

Income taxes pay for a variety of government programs, from education to health care, Social Security, national defense, welfare and infrastructure. Within many of these programs, funding is delegated to children in the foster care system. While this may sound like a good thing, it does not create the best outcome for the children.

In total, the average cost to keep a child in the foster care system in Arizona each year is $453,598. With that much money going toward one kid, you would think they have everything they need to become normal, functioning adults. But that is not always the case.

When you allow all of your taxes to go to government programs, you are essentially paying to keep these kids in the system. For example, almost $115,000 of taxes collected go toward juvenile corrections. Those running this program need kids in it to warrant continued funding. Because of this, troubled foster children and teens who end up in juvie often stay there until they are 18. No one is concerned about teaching them right from wrong or how to make better choices. If these children mature and improve, they might end up leaving sooner, and the program wouldn’t need as much money. While tax funds help pay for programs that protect and provide for children as they are, none invest in their future. They don’t invest in breaking the cycle of violence and poverty, but instead just cater to those stuck in it.

The current situation is definitely not the best-case scenario, but Arizonans can funnel a portion of their tax dollars to services that help graduate community-minded, whole people from the foster care system. Because of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can send $500 (single) or $1,000 (couple) directly to the Scott Foundation and receive a credit on your taxes in the same amount. That means, at no cost to you, your money will be spent on programs that teach our next generation to live selflessly, show kindness and have empathy. Your money will actually make a difference in the future of a child in foster care.

Still Need 2016 Tax Credits?

You may not be in a position to adopt one of the nearly 20,000 foster kids in the Arizona system, but you can make a very personal difference.

Arizona gives you the opportunity to have a say in how you pay taxes.

You can give up to $1,000 for married couples and $500 for singles and it won’t cost you a dime! This is a dollar-for-dollar state income tax reduction with donations coming right back to you at tax time!

The 2017 Young Adult Masterclass program holistically invests to fulfill the individual young persons social-emotional well-being, dreams, education, work-learn experiences and ultimately safe transition to independent living.

Give your tax dollars a voice….and invest in the future of a foster child: