Why you should be concerned that every Muslim in the US has dual citizenship

Islam (Muslims follow) is a system of governance.[1] Most people know of Islam as a religion but that is just a small part of Islam. Muslims follow the teachings in the Quran.[2] The Quran has laws that all Muslims are expected to follow. These laws are called Sharia Laws. US citizens follow laws that are in the US Constitution and other laws made by US government officials. So Muslims citizenship’s are: Muslim and US Citizen (possibly). Muslims don’t assimilate in their non-Muslim majority countries – instead they congregate in enclaves of Muslims where they live by Sharia law.[3] They have allegiance to Islam first.

High Muslim birth rates and further Muslim immigration (Hijrah) cause the Muslim enclaves to grow in size. Muslims also agitate for laws favorable to their goal of spreading Sharia law throughout the non-Muslim majority country they are in.[4]

Islam is an Arabic term which means “submission”. The penalty for leaving Islam is Death.[5] The Quran instructs Muslims to murder people not belonging to their group and also gays and lesbians.[6] Muslims quash Freedom of Speech by murdering or trying to murder anyone who sketches Muhammad (their prophet) or for other reasons so that the best ideas do not win, their Muslims ideas win. [7]

Anyone agreeing to allow Muslims into the USA and/or not agreeing to deport all Muslims is committing Treason.

*please consider doing your own research:

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“We’re going to be the majority soon”

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Ava J.