Don’t blame me – blame my brain

Steele Coddington

It’s a crazy world in the U.S.A. these days. The combination of winter malaise, new nasty viruses developed by the DNC, nastier headlines from a press that is 80% propagandists for the left and pontificating progressive pundits on TV, all explain why a

recent Wall Street Journal editorial was entitled “Washington Goes Nuts.” But the unmitigated undermining of the American President by radical Democrats suggests a mentality that is more sick than nuts, or maybe both based on an article I will comment on.

As a normal human being, when everything seems inexplicable, I find it comforting to seek counsel from my animal friends. My Border Collie Arbuckle has the intellect of most university professors, but lacks their universal congenital imperative to brain-wash ignorant students on how to destroy America. They do it with courses that are closer to the political agendas of educational institutions like Cuba’s University School of Prison as the Answer to Disagreement; Venezuela’s College of Citizen Deprivation; the Putin Seminars for Systemic Surrender of Freedom of Speech; the Harvard Obama School of Neo-Communism; and the Hillary Clinton program for the Inundation of America with

Immigrants Intent on the Installation of Islamic Ideology.

Queenie, my ancient mare who flatulates with remarkable sounds, comparable in intellectual equivalence to some University professors lectures, and Arbuckle suggest that our country could take major steps toward elimination of idiotic lefty infections by first, sterilizing your hands after contact, and obtaining a brain scan to determine the percentage of rationality they possess.

The scan is being recommended based on a new book reviewed in the Wall Street Journal by Johnathan Rosen entitled “The Brain Defense: Murder in Manhattan and the Dawn of Neuroscience in America’s Court Rooms” by the American Bar Association Journal editor Kevin Davis. It is brief synopsis of how a normal retired man was accused of strangling his wife and dumping her out the window of their 12th floor apartment. He confessed but the whole thing became discombobulated when it was neurologically determined that he had a cyst the size of an orange in his brain. That discovery and its possible relativity to the crime became the title of the article, “My Mind Made Me Do It.”The rational involved has apparently been employed in many criminal cases since the trial as a possible mitigating factor. It wasn’t the accused at fault, but a “Broken Brain.” Their brain made them do it. So the conclusion that can possibly be drawn is that some factor in the brain determined by a neuroscientist is guilty – not the person committing the act.

The reason my animals bring this up is because that issue seems to have become the standard for which the democrat party’s leadership is determined to undermine Donald Trump as our President. “We don’t hate him, but our minds make us do it.” Their presence during 8 years of the country’s most radical and incompetent President has caused their brains to accept total failure as the way to govern. With their leading politicians, academia, and the news media they need to blame their idiotic undermining agendas not on themselves but on the “stupid brains that made us do it,” for 8 full years.

So if you do something wrong, it’s not your fault, it’s that “damaged brain” and its progressive thought process. Did “Fundamental Transformation” throw us out a 12 story window?