In Arizona, the right to pursue your dreams

declaration of independence

On Presidents Day, we celebrated the wisdom, courage, and leadership of those who helped the American people forge their own path. Keeping that spirit alive today means giving people the opportunity to keep moving forward, reaching for the stars, and climbing the ladder of success.

After all, the right to pursue happiness includes the right to pursue your dreams. And, in Arizona, that’s something we strive for.

This is a state where entrepreneurs and job creators can thrive. Part of the way we’ve made that clear is by getting rid of the burdensome regulations that for too long were making it harder for Arizonans to find and create jobs.

That’s why, over the past two years, we’ve eliminated antiquated regulations on craft breweries, yoga instructors, and many other professions. We’ve welcomed new and exciting companies in the sharing economy, like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb.

Getting government out of the way and empowering people to pursue their dreams has not only allowed Arizonans to flourish but also has attracted huge investments in our state by visionaries who want to see more of it. These investments will continue to have a ripple-effect throughout our economy for years to come.

The point is: Whether you teach yoga classes, drive an Uber, are brewing a new craft beer, or want to pursue an idea that no one has seen before—Arizona is the place to be.

For more information or assistance, contact Governor Ducey’s press office: (602) 542-1342.