Sept 2009 – I remember it well

Back in September 2009 during a speech before Congress on healthcare, Barack Obama claimed that illegals were NOT going to be covered by the plan. Upon hearing that claim Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out “It’s a lie”. A short time later Congressman Wilson was totally vindicated as he was 100% correct. It was one of the early Obama lies!

But before he was vindicated every DemocRat, members of the Republican Party and the mainstream media all clamored for his head and wanted nothing less than he be drawn and quartered in a public square.

Fast forward to Feb. 21 2017. Noted classless, unethical, brain dead nitwit, Maxine Waters (Dimwit/CA) while appearing on MSNBC calls President Trumps Cabinet a “bunch of scumbags”.

Where is the outrage from the lame, blame, deaf and dumb mainstream media clowns on this sewer lever attack from the queen of the cesspools?

Is the mainstream media serious when the say they operate in a fair and non-partisan manner fair and there is no reason for the public to not trust them?

Tom C.