Obama’s presidental eligibility

Nine years ago, after reading and hearing more and more challenges to Barack Obama,s Presidential eligibility, I decided to investigate this issue in great depth, believing his eligibility would be easily confirmed. Lo and behold, within one month it became clear that Obama was using an ineligible birth certificate copy, a “Certification of Live Birth”, to defend his “claimed” Presidential eligibility. That form, however, was not only ineligible for use by anyone seeking the Presidency but document experts also declared it fraudullent as well. Result: a criminal creation which Obama used to unlawfully obtain the Presidency.

When asked for a valid long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” he kept citing his fraudulent document though he, a former Constitutional teacher, knew it could not be used to confirm Presidential eligibility. Initially, Obama had not even mentioned the possible existance of a “long-form” “Certificate of Live Birth”, a valid document for proving Presidential eligibility. For over four years he used his fraudulent document until he began hearing of several States starting a movement which he knew would end his presidential asperations unless stopped quickly. Details will follow in my next letter.

In those same years, I sent copies of all my letters on this issue to everyone on my e-mail list, copies which are still available, free of charge, to all who wish them. Simply e-mail me if interested. My aim was, and still is, to help others become aware of Obama’s deception and criminal takeover of our Country,s Presidency. Please don’t consider this as ended. There is a great difference between late and too late.

In the interest, I also sent copies to all mentioned within my letters, with one notable exception-Obama. Why? When Donald Trump offered 50 millionl dollars(that’s correct) to Obama to simply provide a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” his letter was ignored completely by Obama, who didn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge Mr.Trump’s offer. Knowing my bank balance would only make Obama yawn, I simply saved myself postage for what would have been an exercise in futility. This left me with but two options. Keep praying and keep spreading the truth.

At this time, I am pausing in my writing on this issue and concentrating on a few letters citing Obama’s treason. He had claimed to have been born in an Hawaiian hospital yet not one, I repeat, not one of the Islands hospitals, to this day, will confirm having been his birth hospital, including Kaplolani Hospital, the one which Obama had openly claimed as his birth hospital. I’m surprised he didn’t accuse all the Hawaiian hospitals of being prejudiced against Blacks, since he often used such a tactic against Caucasians when running against both John McCain and Mitt Romney for the Presidency. His ploy was to imply that white prejudice might have existed against him. He never stated it as a fact for fear of being forced to produce proof,, which he knew he didn’t have. Despirtion breeds Deception!

Senator Charles Schumer received copies of all my letters(over 30) yet never questioned Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate nor his inability to have any Hawaiian Hospital declare he was born there. Also,Bill O’Reilly of Fox News first claimed to have seen a valid birth certificate of Obama’s but retracted his claim when it was pointed out to him that what his office crew showed him was the fraudulent document which Obama had been using. Had either the Senator or O’Reilly pursued these glaring deceptions of Obama, his train to the White House would have been quickly derailed and our Country would not have been subjected to having itself presided over by a Presidential imposter. Thank God, that’s over!

Robert Quinn