Uncertainty combined with fear is now a common state of mind within immigrants in the US. The chaos with Trump’s immigration ban and the recent immigration raids reported around the country have spiked these feelings in millions of legal and illegal immigrants in our country, affecting more people than we think.

First, it directly affects immigrants who carry dual nationalities. But second, it affects everyone on an emotional level. As stress levels rise, the consequence is more people begin to feel unsafe. And when we feel unsafe or threatened, nothing good can come of that.

If you would like to speak to an expert on handling emotions, cultural sciences, and in using understanding and empathy to defeat fear and mistrust, Gabriella van Rij is available immediately for comments or interviews.

Gabriella van Rij (www.gabriella.global) is an immigrant speaker, author and activist whose latest book, Watch Your Delivery, explores how we often fail in communicating. She, Gabriella was born Muslim in Pakistan, but raised Catholic in The Netherland by her adopted family, giving her a special perspective on immigration and cultural topics. Today is a frequent guest on TV and radio. She also is the author of I Can Find My Might and With All My Might.

Miguel Casellas-Gil