According To Pvt South

Dearly Beloved–It has been said, “if the press can make you, the press can break you”. Ok–The press did not make Trump so they cannot break him, but they keep on trying. Unfortunately these past eight years I personally have not been proud of my country because it seemed to me that Obama was more interested in getting even with the Founding Fathers and the white man for slavery than promoting good government. Never in my lifetime (a senior citizen) that there has been so much political turmoil in the change- over of political power in the White House. The Democratic Party has not gotten over the fact that Queen Hillary lost the election because she was a poor candidate. Instead of working with the White House to help make America Great Again the leading Democrats and the press are hell bent on making it difficult for Trump to govern. If they continue the Democrats will lose more seats in the Mid-term election in 2018. To make things worse (according to me) some woman who is currently wanting to be the next chairman of the D.N.C. vows to shut out and ignore the white voters. Some folks will think I am making this stuff up but (Dearly Beloved–it is true). Question–Is Obama letting himself get involved with some of this political nonsense involving President Trump? (good question)

OK–How bad can it get? In the future if we do not work together and improve the situation here at home, can you imagine a race war?–If the press and news media continue with their bias reporting (the answer is yes). will We The People still be a number 1 world power? Probably not. A good question for the folks out there (especially the young adults) would it make any difference in the future if the U.S. is not a number 1 world power? (Good question) After eight years of Obamacare Bush 43 is looking pretty good. How will it all end? Dearly Beloved–Don’t have a clue but stay tuned (the market is way up because of Trump) and that really helps to keep your powder dry.

–PVT South