Immigration lawyer reveals the hidden dangers behind presidential order 13768


Steven RiznykSan Diego, CA. — Steven Riznyk, CEO of www.SanDiegooBizlaw and has noticed that a very important Presidential Order has been ignored. This PO will lead to a lot of problems for both immigrants and visa holders alike. This situation will lead to destructive consequences to the lives, dreams, and careers to thousands of immigrants and non-immigrants alike.

In the recent news, we have witnessed much debate over the fact that our president issued a Presidential Order holding the input of persons from certain countries for a limited amount of time. Due to the various special interests involved, this has taken over the news. However, a more potent and destructive Presidential Order has received much less publicity, yet has caused a much greater impact…that no one seems to care about. The reason? There is much less sympathy or empathy for persons who overstay or have criminal records.

Although no one is in favor of the criminal element, states Mr Riznyk, there are various offences that people get charged with that may be minor, something that happened during youth, or even unresolved. All of these can get an immigrant or non-immigrant removed from the United States. I have dealt with many CEOs, states Riznyk, who in their youth had made errors in judgment, but have turned out to be wonderful human beings who make a massive contribution to society in a number of ways. With the Presidential Order in effect, these people can be summarily removed from the United States, destroying their lives, careers, and sometimes marriages. Additionally, the companies these people run may be closed, causing us to lose a number of jobs for people who depend on these persons.

Under Presidential Order 13768, foreigners are in trouble. It states which people are up for priority removal, and included are persons with a criminal record. However, it also includes persons who have been charged but not convicted.

In San Diego, for example, federal officers, have been pulling over persons in an area popular with foreigners called Pacific Beach. They have been asking for identification, and when the person lacked it, they would follow them home in order to ascertain it. The city, as Mr Riznyk stated in a previous article, makes it difficult for a foreigner to drive in.

The only solution for foreigners who have overstayed or have any criminal record in their past is to file an immigration waiver. The problem is that not everyone can afford one, as they are the equivalent of neurosurgery in medicine and only 1% of immigration lawyers are qualified to create a high-level waiver.

It is a difficult time for foreigners in America. Regrettably, their past actions have now caught up with them and absent a waiver, they cannot live in peace, never quite knowing when they could be arrested for a crime they committed in the past. More challenging is the fact that even if they have not been convicted, they can be instantly removed once charged. This opens the door to spouses and employers to set them up for a crime if they want to move them away from their lives. The consequences are dreadful. Has this been in the news lately? No. Conduct a search on Google for Presidential Order 13768.

At this stage in the game, anyone with a criminal record is at risk. Driving is a major issue, as this is how most get caught. Filing a waiver would be the best way to protect themselves from a surprise removal. (for more information on waivers, visit ). Travel outside the country is dangerous as it could be a one-way trip. Regrettably, no one is otherwise challenging this Presidential Order, therefore it is in full force and effect.

Steven Riznyk is a business and immigration attorney who has been practicing for 29 years. He is an author, has lectured on immigration all over the world, and not only creates cases for immigration lawyers and the public, but has been training lawyers for decades in the complex areas of immigration law. He can be reached at (619) 677-5727 or as well as stevenriznyk on Skype.