It is time for “We the People” to take notice

Everyone reading this would have to agree, that they have never seen such a political disconnect in our lifetime. Well ladies and gentlemen, it is going to get worse. The election of Donald J Trump has literally set the entire world on its ear. You see, we Americans have been content to have Democrats and Republicans set policy for this nation. It is convenient to have just two parties, it cuts down on the hundreds of different views and opinions one needs to digest. After all, it’s hard enough to choose between two candidates let alone dozens. But this convenience comes at a price, a price special interest groups are willing to pay. You see, even though we have the best of intentions, our world revolves around a central theme, the acquisition of wealth. Money, coin, cash, bucks.

It is estimated that Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 Billion to lose an election. Where the heck did she get that kind of money? Not from the Loons protesting, rioting, and wearing vagina hats. The money came from the very wealthy and corporations worldwide with something to gain. And it’s not just Democrats. Those supporting Republicans are also supporting what has become a slimy system to line their own pockets. Trump is problematic. He isn’t worried about campaign finances. He’s not looking for a big fat retirement. Trump isn’t living pay check to pay check like most of America. Trump is old and accomplished. I feel he is at a point in his life where he really does want to “give back”. People say his ego is huge, he’s brash, politically incorrect, and can’t take criticism. Fact is, Trump is the first President since Harry Truman who really doesn’t give a crap what Democrats or Republicans think. He cares about what the people think. This is a man that had nothing to prove.

The Democrats are literally fighting for their lives, trying to show they are relevant. Trump successes equal the total demise of the Democratic Party leaving just the Loons to carry signs and wear the costumes of anarchy. Trump successes even hurt the Republicans. You know, the Party that cries when they are out of power and talk, talk, talk when they are in power. Seemingly not knowing what to do with the power they are given. Congress has become a haven for those who appreciate the riches the status quo can provide. Congress has become a hideout for the Jesse James’s that ride into Washington on a nasty old horse, and leave in a gilded carriage. Have you ever seen both parties and the media go after a President so viciously in his first weeks? Seems odd? Is Trump that bad? Name one policy he has enacted that was designed to hurt the nation or any citizen. You can’t. “We the People “ need to take notice. Perhaps a third party is needed to right the ship, a third party to drain the swamp. We need to support our President and Republic

Scott Haberman