February 8 – 14, 2017

Stargazer-VivianCarolFor All Signs:  We have entered an eclipse “season” in which the Leo full moon eclipse of Feb. 10 is followed by a new moon eclipse in Pisces (Feb. 26).  This year is loaded with tense and potentially explosive aspects.  The Leo eclipse this week is in the sign of Kings, punctuating those tensions with an extra smack that has already begun and will likely continue through the year. Truths become apparent and houses built of cards are staggering toward a fall.  That includes global, national, regional and personal arenas.  Even those who have built their houses of bricks will feel the brunt through others in their lives.  Hold in mind that the things that collapse have become flawed.  Because humans do not take action except in discomfort, this is what we get for our lassitude.  Crises, while scary at the time, bring transformation for the good.  The emphasis is different, depending upon your sun and your ascending signs.  See below.

Aries:  The new eclipse season will be opening your mind and heart to accept a larger circle of friends.  You may become a leader or a strong supporter of a community network which has shared ideals.  Certainly you will continue to have the friendships you have built in the past.  However, your attention may be focused on other goals.

Taurus:  The full moon side of this eclipse season may bring fresh news to light about someone in the family.  For example, a pregnancy is announced.  The new moon calls upon you to take steps toward beginning something new in your career, even if it feels like a risk.  Start your research.

Gemini:  The full moon brings to light whatever you need to know about relationships to siblings, roommates, neighbors.  It also may bring attention to your vehicle in some way.  A weird noise becomes a breakdown, for example.  Meanwhile the new moon encourages new starts related to higher education, publishing, travel, and spiritual pursuits.

Cancer:  The full moon eclipse emphasizes your financial circumstances and shines a light on your resources.  This may include your skills, your abilities, and your sense of self worth.  The new moon eclipse encourages you to learn more about the world of financial business and resources you share with others, i.e. spouse’s income.

Leo:  The full moon eclipse may have brought you to the point of becoming firm about who you are and who you are not.  An issue of identity and declaration of self is at hand.  The new moon eclipse represents your inherent need to attend to relationships.  Your partner may be starting something that affects both your lives.

Virgo:  On this eclipsed full moon you may discover or reveal one or more secrets.  Dreams and intuition are very strong.  Issues of mental health are emphasized.  The strength of the interplay between physical and emotional health is apparent.  You likely will vow to change health habits that are destructive.

Libra: The results of contributions you have made to your community become apparent.  “Your community” may include organizations to which you belong, your friends, and various connections you have made along the way.  A new beginning occurs in the arena of romance or life with children, the territory of play.

Scorpio:  The full moon eclipse shines brightly in your career or the way in which you contribute to the world. You may see the results of good works and/or the results of failure to produce.  Meanwhile something deep within is searching for a sense of internal security.  You may get in touch with family that you haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time.

Sagittarius:  The outcome of legal, travel, educational and publishing interests become apparent in this eclipse season.  Your work and preparation in any of these areas may be on display.  Meanwhile fresh circumstances are beginning related to siblings, neighbors, roommates, or your next vehicle.

Capricorn: The outcome of your management of any joint resources becomes obvious.  That may include issues of debt, partner’s income, insurance or stock holdings.  Intimacy shared between you and partner becomes a topic.  The condition of each of these things becomes reflected in your sense of self-worth and your desire to improve in the future.

Aquarius:  The activities of your partner are on display.  You must recognize and respect his/her moment in the sun.  Meanwhile new seeds inside of you are just sprouting that eventually will become a change in your sense of identity.  You would be astounded if someone told you what that would be.

Pisces:  Circumstances at work may be in a state of flux, otherwise called a “zoo.”  The state of your health is prominent.  Good or bad depends upon how you have been caring for yourself.  A new seed is planted in your unconscious that will begin to develop slowly into materialization in your life.

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