Tally or Islam Happens

Last year (2016), there were at least 2,474 deadly Islamic terror

attacks in 61 countries that claimed over 21,237 lives.

All other world religions accounted for about four.[1]

Islam (Muslims follow) is a system of governance designed for World Domination.[2] It has a religious component which frequently allows Muslims into countries under the ruse of religious freedom or persecution.

Muslim majority countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, others) follow Sharia (Muslim) Law.[3] Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries (US, Canada, Mexico) have the goal of installing Sharia Law where they are as their Quran tells them to follow Sharia Law and not other laws (US Constitution).[4] Where there is a significant concentration of Muslims in a non-Muslim majority country (UK) – they have failed to integrate and

instead follow Sharia Laws where they are and have the goal of replacing the current system of governance with their Sharia Laws.[7]

Terrorism is one of their means (as is immigration, high birth rates to achieve majority) for achieving their goal of installing Sharia Law where they are.[1] Most, if not all, Muslim groups (ISIS, CAIR) are engaged in terrorism or are terrorist fronts.[5]

Anyone agreeing to allow Muslims into the USA and/or not agreeing to deport all Muslims is committing Treason.[6]

Teri Adams