The Donald acts on promises

Don SorchychWell, skeptics, how is The Donald POTUS doing so far? He is quickly going down the list of promises and signing executive orders.

Democrats are sore losers, but what they tried so far has been ineffectual. Washington police turned the tables on marchers by outthinking their strategies and cornering them.
The national press is pointing out that President Trump is proceeding without his cabinet since approval has been withheld.

Wonder why? Sen. Chuck Schumer, D – NY, and his acolytes promised to slow down the process of approval of Trump’s cabinet nominees. Schumer has already said he will vote against Betsy Devos, Trump’s chosen Education Secretary.

I often wondered why Trump insisted Mexico would pay for the wall to prevent illegal immigration, since I assumed Mexico would not pay for the fence. Recently, the president of Mexico cancelled a meeting with Trump because Trump signed an executive order to build a fence on the Mexican border. That led to a discussion about a 20 percent tax on goods imported from Mexico. This would require changing NAFTA, but Trump plans to do that anyway.

From Yahoo Finance:
“Mexico is the second-largest exporter to the United States, after China. The United States imported roughly $271 billion of goods from Mexico during the first 11 months of 2016, according to the Commerce Department, and ran a trade deficit of almost $60 billion.”
Estimates of the cost of the fence vary from 8 billion to nearly 50 billion with no cost estimated for private land acquisition.

It has been estimated the cost of illegal aliens in the U.S. is more than $100 billion every year. So even if we spend $100 billion for a fence we save $100 billion each year depending on timing and execution of the removal process.

So build the wall!

At the moment Trump’s executive order to stop immigration from seven hotbed terrorist countries has created mass comment and complaints. Lawyers across the country are jumping into the fray like the good ambulance chasers they are. Of course, most involved are Democrat, libtards, Muslims and two Republicans, our own John McCain and his buddy Lindsay Graham. Both should reregister as Democrats. By the way McCain’s local telephone is 602-952-2410 and Washington is 1-202-224-2255.

Two judges have ordered that airline travelers must be released rather than detained. The whole issue of the legality of executive orders is in play. Never mind Obama was never questioned in spite of the 276 Executive Orders he issued. It is brouhaha of major proportions that will slow the president’s pace of keeping the promises he has made.

I listened to Russ Limbaugh this morning and he correctly pointed out the media, Democrat party, and demonstrators paid by George Soros waited for the exact moment President Trump signed the executive order before launching their rabid offense. After all, Trump made no secret about his plan to withhold non-vetted refugees from our country; he preached it during the primary and since.

The goal here of the many riots and complaints is to remove Trump from office. Democrats and their followers will never stop until they win, so Trump supporters need to support him. We voted for Trump based on the promises he made so if you can afford it support him and if you can’t afford it let him know you are in his corner. We have waited for forty years or more to do exactly what Trump is doing.

As the immigration issue wends its way to success, a new problem is emerging in Canada. Canada’s terrain is even more forbidding than our southern border with Mexico. Yet their new Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has put out the welcome mat for Islamic refugees. Radicals have entered from Mexico but now they will have a northern border to infiltrate the U.S.
It will take a different approach than a wall to secure the northern border, utilizing technology such as satellites, drones and specialized aircraft as well as troops.

I wonder if the critics of checkmating radical Islam read. Europe is burning thanks to open door policies.

Our guest writer Frosty Wooldridge is an expert on worldwide history of immigration. Part two of a four part series of articles addressing the issue appears below. Parts three and four will publish in our next print issues. Frosty is a great writer, easy and interesting to read and offers a way to become an expert on this threat.