The importance of dog psychiatry

Steele Coddington

The Drive-by media coverage on the reaction to the presidential election by some segments of our population may demonstrate a need for psychiatric help. Differences of opinion are healthy and part of our unique free Republic. But riots, false personal accusations, property destruction all based on false narratives indicate that an out of control mendacity needs medical attention.

The only doctor I know, properly trained to treat the current proclivity blindly supporting false narratives is my Border Collie Arbuckle’s favorite veterinary and canine psychiatrist, Dr. I.M. Rover. That’s his real name fortunately, because it helps put nervous dogs at ease when they visit his clinic. They know they’re dealing with a doctor named after a dog. But I digress.

My question for the doctor, knowing his highly specialized intellectual ability to assess an animal’s thought and behavior and relate it to humans, was whether any dog psychiatric conditions that are treated could be duplicated to help unreasonable human maladies, i.e. derangements possessed by those angered enough to try deligitimizing the new President or by blindly adopting false narratives along with a host of other leftish fantasies.

He said, “Of course!” In his opinion the most common dog psychoses are: Biting people who don’t deserve it and: barking for no assertainable reason. These are manifestations very analogous to some misguided human behavior and should be treated.

Amazingly in most cases involving dog psychiatry it’s possible to teach the dogs how to over-come uncontrolled behavior by instructing them on why the behavior is not sensible, rational or appropriate for them if it disrupts or subverts acceptable standards. For dogs it is easy to change behavior by repetitive rewards and praise, or using emphatic “NO’s” if they continue with acts that aren’t in accord with what is reasonably acceptable to a common sense behavioral rational.

Apparently for the betterment of society in a free country we do have to say “NO” to those who try to impose false narratives on others and don’t respond to accepted truths. It’s understood that quite often the perpetrators of false narratives are doing so only to draw attention to themselves. So they need a chance to readjust through exposure to sources of truth. In pursuit of that noble goal, for all these people who are actively biting and barking to gain attention – like Pelosi, Schumer, Democrat Representative from Georgia John Lewis, Hollywood stars, Black Lives Matter, etc, etc, etc, Dr Rover, Arbuckle and I recommend the following sources of truth that like our fellow animals can earn you rewards and legitimate praise:

Heather MacDonald author of “The War on Cops,” Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh. Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, Andrew McCarthy author of “The Grand Jihad,” Tom Fitten CEO of Judicial Watch, all the President’s distinguished choices for Cabinet and Agencies, and the Sonoran News.