Trump’s biggest foreign policy challenge will be to prevent India from becoming communist post-demonetization

After being sworn in as the U.S. President, Donald Trump gave an isolationist speech on Jan. 20, but the entire world knows this policy will not last once Trump starts running the office. But the rest of the world does not know Trump’s biggest foreign policy challenge will be to prevent India from becoming communist post-demonetization. The 21st century U.S. presidents have already left unsavory legacies. Bush Jr. left 9/11 and the economic crises of 2007, from which the world has not yet recovered. Obama allowed Crimea to be taken away by Russia (without shedding a drop of blood) from the Ukraine despite the Budapest Memorandum and allowed a mess in the NAME region with the result ISIS came into existence through Iraq and Syria. Hence, Trump will not like a third such unsavory legacy.

Demonetization has proved that India is unfit for democracy as explained at Such an unfortunate situation has not come as a surprise. In my many published letters, I had pointed out that reservation policy in India is anti-democracy. Democracy can’t be run by demoralized people. There is nothing wrong with the policy of reservation but it should not be given with the demoralizing tag of oppressed and backward castes, which constitute the majority of Hindus.

Post demonetization (which has benefited big business but which is a very small minority in numbers), the powerful section of Indians have realized that the present form of democracy will not work and will be harmful to them (especially when PM Modi has assumed the role of Robinhood) though they do not know what can replace the present political model. Hence, India never had so favorable a situation for communism as post-demonetization. It will be China’s biggest failure if it fails to convert India into a communist country post-demonetization. China can easily patronize a pro-communism party in India which can easily come into power at the center in the present situation.

Thus, even through democracy and the present constitution, India can be ushered into communism. Some Indians may be under the wrong impression that earlier Supreme Court judgment is final, that the basic structure of the constitution can’t be changed; hence, democracy can’t be removed. It is nothing but delusion. The Indian constitution puts no restriction/bar on the power of the Parliament to amend the constitution under Article 368. If Parliament wants, it can even impeach Supreme Court Judges, under Article 124 (4) of the Constitution, who try to deny amending power to Parliament under Article 368.

Presently, communism being not anti-religion and pro-capitalist, it will help the advent of Communism in India. One third Indian Territory under the influence of Naxalites (Marxists) will be crucial for making India a communist country. Also, 15 percent of Muslims in India are smarting under democracy with 85 percent of Hindus – 1.3 billion in so-called secular India, will also be crucial for making India a communist country [India has already given a goodbye to secularism, especially since late eighties when Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992 and in attended riots, thousands of Muslims have been killed, including in Gujarat in 2002. Moreover, Hindu majority India never tried to retrieve Muslim PoK and instead, its military is showing ‘bravery’ by training guns on civilians (Mostly Muslim Kashmiris) under protection of AFSPA, SPA etc in J&K].

Therefore, President Trump should keep the above mentioned realities of India in view before arriving at foreign policy about India in particular and Asia in general.


Hem Raj Jain

Bengaluru, India