Be happy

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“Authorities “ in Westborough, Massachusetts recently got a little surprise while investigating a house that was suspected to be the headquarters of an internet pyramid scheme. While doing a routine search for incriminating records, they discovered more than $20,000,000 cash stuffed inside a bedroom mattress. Bingo!

According to the BMJ (erstwhile British Medical Journal), middle aged people that reportedly enjoyed a “high degree of life enjoyment” were 24 percent less likely to die during the seven year study span. So – be happy.

Electric eels are edible, yet locals seldom consider the slippery fish as a nourishment source. One reason is that the eels can generate and release more than 600 volts when touched. Another reason is that specimens have been known to deliver those shocking discharges eight hours after the Electrophorus electricus have died.

For you fellow NFL fans: It may be difficult to accept, but Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman turned 50 last November. Egad.

I must wonder: “What is the attraction?” Twice last year hackers from Turkey managed to take control of the city website in Killeen, Texas. Yasasin?

How about something still alive? The Golden State’s official animal is the California grizzly bear, which has been extinct since 1922.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was initially named Michael King, Jr. When the son was 5, the senior Mr. King changed his and the young boy’s names to Martin Luther.

There are no poisonous snakes indigenous to Maine.

A settlement called Terminus was established in the state of Georgia in 1837. The town name was changed to Marthasville in 1843. You are likely more familiar with the current name: Atlanta (since 1845).

In 1862, Private Oliver Willcox Norton wrote a variation of “The Scott Tattoo” which had been played to signal “lights out.”  Norton’s composition was entitled “Taps” and a classic military musical composition was created.

President James Madison must have had charisma. He was 5 feet four inches in height and probably weighed less than 100 pounds, which would make him smaller than today’s average American teenage girl.

Sixteen American pennies laid in a straight line, edge to edge, should measure exactly one foot.

Performing the same physical task day after day has been shown to contribute to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other unpleasant maladies as we age. Special studies of task ergonomics may soon shed light on procedures that should lessen the wearing effects of corporeal repetition. Oh well, I hope that corporeal repetition does not get the best of you — and that you have a great week.