Another major upzoning










Pulte homes wants to up zone 30 acres on the north side of Dynamite and
between 82nd and 84th Street. It is currently zoned R1-190 (5 acre lots)
and they want to rezone it R1-43 (one acre lots) or a 5 times density
increase. I have attached the letter they sent out to local property
owners (not many) and also the sign that has just been erected on the

This is a big deal because we are losing all our large lots, which also
supported our equestrian use in this area. The area in which this is being
proposed is one of the last remaining 5 acre lot areas in the city and
the land is also fairly rugged so difficult to develop at the density
they propose. This sort of up zoning is happening all over Scottsdale,
which is horrible, but this area is even more unique and special so we
need to fight to retain its character. Jane Rau, one of the founders of
the Preserve, lives right on the corner where they want to build this
dense subdivision so she, and everyone else who has invested in this
area because of low density and equestrian use, will see their
property values and life style disappear if this is allowed.










Anyway look it over. There is an open house next Wednesday so it would
be good if we packed the place and told them this is the wrong place to
make a major change like this. All the information on this meeting is in
the attached letter.

Thanks again for your support of our area and keeping it a special area
in Scottsdale and in the Valley.

Howard Myers


Letter: [pdf-embedder url=””] [pdf-embedder url=””]