According to Pvt. South

Dearly Beloved, just one more week and the world can start spinning again. According to Obama and his farewell speech America is now in better shape than when he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. OK, if things have really been that great Queen Hillary should have won, so let’s see how things look on Christmas 2017.

The new buzz word is (fake news) and Trump did a number on CNN reporter Jim Acasta at his first news conference when he referred to him and CNN as fake news. That’s why Trump wouldn’t talk to him, so it is time to get a grip (the New Deal has arrived). In the past, the White House press corps basically dictated the real news and Acasta was seated in the front row, the premium spot. Acasta was acting unprofessional and basically obnoxious when Trump wouldn’t answer his questions and shot him down because he knew his questions would be negative. The White House press has been doing this forever and Trump is not going to put up with it, so expect the new White House press to be more pleasant and fewer in numbers. Bill and Hillary along with the New York Times invented (fake news) and now that Trump blew up the term the New York Times has decided not to use it in the future. (Is this a great Country or what)?

Just days before leaving as Secretary of Education, Secretary John King cautioned against weakening the public education system, calling public schools fundamental to who we are as a country. Wow, who we are in public education is “on the bottom” because of excessive liberal government even though America spends the most on education in the world. Penmanship is no longer taught in grade school because of modern technology and American History is basically ignored thanks to political correctness. (And that is sad.)

For comic relief – about building that wall – how about paying all those undocumented Democrats to build the wall and when it is finished send them home.

Pvt. South