Why 2017 is a very special year

It certainly wasn’t circled on my calendar.  2017 to me was just another milestone to hit as I got older and passed the symbolic age of retirement, 65.  The kids were grown, out of the house and by most parameters successful.  Time for me and “Little Mama” to relax a bit.  I could finally concentrate on my real estate business and fade off into the beautiful Arizona sunset secure in the knowledge that my family was on the right track.  But before 2017, we had 2016 and things changed.  I don’t think it was a year of enlightenment for me, more that history and events came into sharper focus.

The linchpin for these revelations was the Presidential election process.  I had always been interested in politics and have made it a point to vote in every election since I came of age.  I supported McCarthy during the Vietnam War and backed McGovern  and Hubert Humphrey.  When Nixon got stupid with Watergate I voted for Carter.  He was the last Democrat I supported.  But, this piece is not about the virtues of Liberalism or the righteousness of Conservatism.  If you were to dissect my political carcass you would find an obviously Conservative heart but a brain that has a healthy portion liberal cells within it’s cortex.
Why 2017 has become so important is because of the 2016 election.  During the election process, myths have been shattered, deception exposed, and the whole system that the American Public has taken for granted was shown to be in peril.

As an older American, I never understood the Viet Nam War.  I was attending college and was deferred from service at the time, something I also didn’t understand, but was eternally grateful.  Kent State and all of the turmoil was confusing and frightening.  But still we had faith in our government and that they would do the right thing.  Our news media spoke to the American public on a consistent basis.  It appeared that they were always keeping us informed, in the mix, and valued our feedback.  When Nixon faltered, our government “did the right thing” and impeached him.  Carter rose and while a splendid man, had no clue how to run a country.  The American people spoke and he was retired.  Then somewhere along the way, things changed.

In this last year, I have become leery of the main stream media, the small stream media, and social media.  Everyone has an opinion, the way it should be, unless you are reporting the news.  The short comings of all of the candidates were over blown and nasty often without concrete documentation.  I could watch television and hear from literally dozens of sources that Trump was the Devil and Clinton was the biggest crook since Jesse James.  There is probably some truth in both claims but the coverage and venom was horrific.  The problem was that statements were being made by all sides and were not verified.  Media bias was rampant and politicians from all sides acted like children that were entitled, having just been awarded their “Participation Trophy”.

Fast forward, Trump is President.  The celebrities are not leaving the country, Michael Moore will eventually slip back to his compound to eat a dozen burritos, and John McCain will take off his tin foil hat that sports the Hammer and sickle.  But the American public, at least a large portion, will now hold Washington accountable.  Giving Americans lip service, and telling them what politicians think they want to hear is coming to an end.  The American people are watching.  They are watching Washington of course but also the media.  They are now paying attention to the money that flows into the pockets of those sworn to serve us.  The veil has been lifted; expect the public to speak out.  We live in the greatest country in the world.  We have faltered.  Trump has promised much.  He is not a radical, insane, or unhinged as many have professed.  If he is successful in restoring the faith of the American people we will be fine.  If he is treated with spite and hatred, we will fail as a country.  We are at a turning point in our nation.  I pray the American public is attentive enough to keep our nation afloat.  Now, It’s up to the people. The evils have all been exposed.

Scott Haberman