Protect and beautify your concrete floors with Floor Defense by Tim Kline

floor defense

It’s a new year so why not give your garage a facelift? Tim Kline of Floor Defense is now offering epoxy flooring with an accelerated cure time. If your up-to-four-car garage (or any other concrete surface) is cleared out, the team at Floor Defense can be in and out in a single day. If that’s not enticing enough, you can drive on it in 24 hours!

floor defense

The product is durable (impact-proof), won’t fade or peel and there are 10 colors from which to choose. Kline, who also owns and operates Tim Kline Roofing, the company that does roofing right … the FIRST time, did considerable research on the product and was impressed. He’s used it in his own garage and has to admit what a pleasure it is pulling in to a floor that’s easy-to-clean and perpetually neat.

Kline treats all clients’ floors like his own and said the success comes from the prep work. They grind it, fill cracks, even tape off the drywall. See more about this amazing process on

When you’re ready to transform your garage, patio, porch, sidewalks from so-so to sensational, call Floor Defense by Tim Kline at 480-326-5533.