The Obama Wrecking Ball

Steele Coddington

What a force for wrecking America the Beautiful. Obama, after eight torturous years of diminishing the exceptionality of America, is still seeking some miracle to disguise the long list of failures that characterize his reign. Even in the last month of his presidency he is purposefully throwing spit balls in the form of binding edicts, bans and mandates designed to obstruct the efforts of our new president-elect. But his latest and most damning, deceitful and destructive act is a scheming, dangerous undermining of America’s most loyal, supportive ally, Israel.

I think I remember him saying, probably to a Jewish audience, “I’ve got Israel’s back.” But in the slimiest foreign policy move, the latest U.S. abstention of a vote in the U.N. involving Israel could, under a number of bad circumstances, amount to a form of “assassination” of a sovereign country. The U.S. stuck a political dagger in Israel’s back. A shameful anti-Semitic attack on the only real civilized, loyal ally in the Middle East not intent on fulfilling a mission of “Death to America.”

The potential for destructive consequences by labeling Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem “illegal,” effectively repeals the previous 1967 Resolution 242 which provided the language justifying the territories occupied after the 1967 Six Day War. Its provisions recognized the separate parties need to negotiate for peaceful purposes. It confirmed the parties involved did not have to totally “withdraw” from “all” territories so they could fulfill the theory of “Land for Peace.” The UN Resolution 2334 essentially negates Israel’s ability to retrograde or retrocede territory in exchange for peace. This gives the UN the power to favor or influence negotiations and as an organization now influenced by a majority of Muslim states gives Israel zero or little help in defending itself from actions that can be very detrimental to its existence. How would you like to be next door neighbors to terrorist groups like Hamas (Gaza) and Hezbollah?

The entire situation could even possibly force Israel back to the borders it occupied prior to the 1967 War which would expose them to totally indefensible positions subject to invasions by its neighbors. The potential for extreme consequences of Biblical proportions could end the first historical sovereign nation of the Jews.

Thanks Obama and your team of co-conspirators whose secret help crafting the UN Resolution is now reportedly revealed by “Ironclad” information from Arab sources according to the Israelis. Who is on Obama’s team of stupid anti-Semitics – John Kerry, Ben Rhodes? The situation is the equivalent of Albert Einstein’s famous quote which defines this shameful group with the observation, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” There is no way the Obama administration can escape blame for the dumbest foreign policy move ever made by the U.S. on one of its allies.