According to Pvt. South

Dearly Beloved, in about three more weeks, Obamacare will be coming to an end and America can hit the ground running if China, Russia, North Korea and other rogue nations do not get in the way. You have to give Obama credit for believing in himself, that for these past eight years he has been a good president and if he could run again he would beat Trump. Give me a break! Obama stated, “voting for Hillary is voting for my legacy.” OK, how did that work out? If the press and news media had actually done their job he would not have won the first time, let alone a third.

One final thought on being President of the United States: George Washington number one stated, “in time of peace prepare for war.” FDR did not prepare and We The People paid dearly for that. Obama number forty-four did not pay attention and now the world is a more dangerous place. OK, number forty-five will get the job done but it will not be easy. Keeping our powder dry will get easier, but it will take time.

Now young folks are protesting with signs stating, “America can’t survive on $7.25 an hour.” OK, you’re not supposed to; that is entry level pay for beginners who are just getting started. You start at the bottom and work your way up, $15 an hour is an absurd amount. Some young folks are not worth $5 an hour because they have no skills or experience at doing anything. [Being paid to carry a protest sign is not a skill.] So keep your powder dry.

Pvt. South