2017’s bright promise

It is the end of 2016 and while many on the left view the year as the worst one ever, for those of us at Americans for Limited Government, it was a year of restored hope.

Contrary to the common lament, 2016 is the year when the American people finally declared that enough was enough and that they were taking back their government from the crony capitalists, Beltway bandits, big government unions, green job killers, the lobbyists, media conglomerates and the Silicon Valley oligarchs who thought they had permanently seized power.

It remains to be seen whether the red state rebellion will hold or if those who run D.C. will slither their way back into power stopping it before the calendar turns to 2018, but the initial signs are great.

The Trump Cabinet is largely outsider business types who view the federal government and its massive regulatory regime as an impediment to economic revival. The Trump White House economic team is being set up to be a group of very smart leaders who disagree on the approaches to restoring our nation’s economic footing. This creative disagreement will allow Trump to hear and compare various approaches to limited government policy options rather than just plunging ahead without competing advice.

Obama’s arrogant continual abuse of his power, effectively ends any talk that might have crept into the conversation about not looking back, instead forcing the new Administration to focus on undoing the Obama presidency brick by brick. All the while, pushing forward with the Trump agenda.

The net effect promises to be a freeing of job creators from the unnecessary and punitive shackles that Obama has placed upon them, providing the same effect as a stimulus package without adding to the national debt.

The effect will give hope to those who have either left or never entered the workforce that they can experience the American dream and don’t have to be shunted off to the sidelines suffering through a quiet despair.

The effect will be to encourage those who are underemployed in the workforce as they see new opportunities emerge where they can better utilize their skills or pursue opportunities that were previously closed to them.

If the revolution holds, 2017 will usher in a new American era where the economic marketplace and demand of consumers drives job creation and not a detached, agenda driven D.C.-based command and control system that picks winners and losers based upon whose back needs to be scratched.

No one can doubt that 2016 was a difficult year, but like a hard childbirth, the resulting change in how our government views its own people will make it worth it.

So, when you hear or read a celebrity, newscaster or sportswriter bemoan how 2016 was a terrible year including the election results as an example, just nod your head and smile, because out of the storms of this past year, there is the bright sunshine of hope just ahead.

Editorial Staff

Americans for Limited Government