According to Pvt. South

Dearly Beloved, the Democrats are still freaking out over the Trump win with Hollywood leading the way. Their last ditch effort was the Electoral College but the Founding Fathers once again saved the day. The Democrats love the popular vote but the only two places that showed up was Liberal Los Angeles and Manhattan New York. (That’s it.) OK, how many votes would Hillary get today now that America has seen how the Democratic Party and all of the Looney Tunes have acted since Hillary bombed out? Have you noticed the Democratic Party and its elite members have become the Gargoyles of Politics? Putting sweet Nancy Pelosi back in as Minority leader in the House of Representatives means the Democratic Party hasn’t learned a thing. Now they are actually looking to 2020 with Joe Biden in mind. (Move over Bernie) What will Joe and his party do three years from now when America is well on its way to becoming Great Again? (Sorry, Joe.)

Did you know when Hillary gets mad she throws things? (Just ask Bill.) On election night when the only news was Trump won and the Queen is now dead, Hillary went off big time according to the tabloids. When Democrats lose they want to change the rules and blame whoever. OK, at first it was the Russians, then Hillary’s top aide Huma and then Slick Willy stated it was a bunch of angry white guys. (Wow!) It took a bunch of angry white guys to win WWII and now the liberal Dumb-Dumbs have noticed too many Generals in Trump’s staff. OK, Obama has an assortment of ass kissers on his staff while Trump prefers Ass Kickers.

China seized a weather drone and finally gave it back, but Trump said to just keep it. OK, to get China’s attention just figure the full cost of the drone plus the research (we are talking millions of bucks). Now deduct that cost from what the U.S. owes China on our national debt and see if they scream. When China takes Taiwan Trump will get the blame because it couldn’t have been Obama’s fault (the candy ass press would see to that).

One final thought, would a wall really be necessary if the U.S. had a sound National ID System? Don’t ask Congress, just ask the people. And that’s how you keep your powder dry.

Pvt. South