Traitorous Chicano Park Preservation Act scheduled for a vote this week in the House

Dear Patriots,

The Chicano Park Preservation Act (H.R. 3711) has been put on the schedule this week for a vote by the House of Representatives, aka the House of Cowardly Traitors and Sell-Outs.  If they pass this bill, it will be a glaring demonstration that our Republican congressmen are just as idiotic, ignorant and incompetent as ever.

Chicano Park is an extremely anti-American, Mexican ultra nationalist / Marxist  park, which openly claims the Southwestern United States as their national (Mexican) homeland.  (See video below.)  The Bill would designate Chicano Park as a “National Historic Landmark” and affiliate it with the U.S. National Park Service!  This would would facilitate the Chicanos getting more millions of our tax money for development and expansion of the park.  It would also make it nearly impossible to ever get rid of.

Chicano Park Day – Anti-American, Cultic Celebration of La Raza

This Bill passed in the Natural Resources Committee by an unanimous vote of both parties.   Unless there is a public outcry, this Bill will probably pass the House with flying colors.  That would be Mexican colors they are flying and not American.  Then it will go to the Senate.  Our moronic Republican leaders in Congress are trying to slip this though, while Obama is still in office, so that he can sign it into law, before Trump takes office.   They are still trying to help Obama’s anti-American cause, even on the eve of Trump taking office.

Please contact your representatives by e-mail or call their staff and demand that they vote against this ridiculous bill.


Subject: Chicano Park Preservation Act, House Resolution 3711

Dear Congressman <his/her name here>,

I request that you oppose the above referenced bill when it comes to a floor vote, expected in early December or early January. The reason is that the park represents and promotes an anti-American, separatist, political ideology, which is a combination of Marxism and Mexican ultra nationalism. The Park openly promotes the idea that the Southwestern United States is the national homeland of the Chicanos, to ultimately be united with Mexico.  It is extremely divisive and does not represent Mexican-Americans, in general. Therefore, it does not merit having the status of an National Historic Landmark. See the video at the link below for more information about the park and the kinds of activities that take place there.


<Your Name Here>


Roger Ogden

San Diego, Ca