According to Pvt. South

Dearly Beloved, the Right Stuff and John Glenn, a WW2 fighter pilot, a Korean War jet fighter pilot, a test pilot, the first Astronaut to circle the Earth and pave the way to the Moon and finally a Senator, John Glenn passed away recently. When he ran for the Senate seat in Ohio as a Democrat all of a sudden he was made of the Wrong Stuff. The voters in Ohio ignored his resume the first time around, but the second time he ran his opponent stated “John Glenn has never held a job”. (WOW) That time the voters paid attention and later Senator Glenn decided to run for President but his Democratic Party said no thanks. Unfortunately Congress is full of Harry Reids, Chuck Schumers, Barbara Boxers and Nancy Pelosis but just think where the Democratic Party would be today if there had been a (President John Glenn).

Good grief, now we have something new called (fake news). Slick Willy and Queen Hillary invented fake news and it continues today with help from the press and news media. America is now suffering from Obama Syndrome we now call ObamaCare and it will not end when Trump takes over January 20. The Democratic Party has done an excellent job of brainwashing Americans over the years, starting with our school teachers and then college professors promoting the Liberal Line. OK, let’s start with Climate Change. Too many white guys running around, white privilege, transgender bathrooms, women in the military, the higher minimum wage, gay marriage, open borders, sanctuary cities, legalizing marijuana, burning the American Flag and finally term limits. (How about age limits instead)?

Now for some comic relief, Dearly Beloved (Blame the Russians). Give me a break! If China, North Korea and especially Russia would have any hostile intentions toward the United States then why in the hell would they help Trump win? Obama made our military the weakest it has ever been since WW2 and Queen Hillary would keep it the same, so why all the fuss about Russia helping Trump? The Democrats are freaking out over losing the election they were supposed to have won and they cannot deal with it. Let’s hope our new President can stay healthy so he can keep his powder dry.

Pvt. South