Mammals usually swim upside down

mullet over

In 2001, ten year old Laura Buxton of Burton, England was fighting off boredom as she played with a helium balloon. On an impulse, she wrote her name and address upon a cardboard tag before attaching the card to her inflated toy. Laura released the balloon and label to drift downwind. Later the combination descended to the ground some 140 miles distant near Pewsley, England. A farmer found the tag and saw the name Laura Buxton, which was the name of his neighbor. The farmer delivered the tag to the Laura he knew. The Laura he knew was a ten year old girl named Laura Buxton. Laura #2 contacted Laura #1 and the two became friends while discovering each had dark brown hair, a pet Labrador retriever, a pet guinea pig and a pet rabbit. Almost weird. The two are still friends.

During the eight years 896 thru 904, nine different men served as pope. That is the same number of popes that reigned during the entire 20th century.

Narwhals can surpass 16 feet in length and weigh as much as 4,000 pounds. Narwhals are readily recognizable because of their singular long tusks. It is also notable that the mammals usually swim upside down and lack dorsal fins. The unusual whale can grow a tusk up to ten feet in length. Years back, these tusks were sold as unicorn horns to the moneyed not-brilliant. Prices paid often exceeded an unbelievable ten times a tusk’s weight in pure gold.

This last July more than 500 Santa Claus wannabees met in Branson, Missouri. The five day Convention/Trade Show featured “Santas” ranging in ages from 29 to 94. Weights varied from 130 lbs. to 450 (or so) lbs. I suppose they are now all prepared for this year’s Christmas season.

A tropical fruit called “jackfruit” is native to India and is gaining popularity in America as a possible meat substitute. The food is a South Asian staple and a single mature jackfruit can weigh from 20 to 100 pounds, providing a significant quantity of nutrition. Be on the lookout.

I have heard it claimed that the 2016 presidential election was the most contentious in American history. I offer as counterclaim evidence the election of 1868. Records from the period indicate that more than 950 politically motivated murders were committed in the state of Louisiana during the campaign and the election aftermath. Well, perhaps we all might consider calmly munching on a yummy Christmas jackfruit. Have a great week. (