No More Victims: YAL Successfully Implements Self-Defense on Capital University

self defense
WASHINGTON, D.C. Last month, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) launched the ‘Your Life Your Right’ national activism campaign to tackle the critical issue of self-defense and violent crimes on college campuses. Due to this campaign, the YAL chapter at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio successfully encouraged the student government to propose legislation to allow for the use of pepper spray and mace on campus.

This is a major victory for self-defense on our college campuses. But unlike Capital University, many universities institute policies that put students at risk with outright bans prohibiting even non-lethal weapons such as tasers and mace. The facts show that policies aimed at restricting the ownership and use of self-defense weapons only makes it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to gain access to what they need to defend themselves, creating more potential victims on campuses across the country.

“As speaker of the Capital University Student Senate it was great to see YAL chapter members take the initiative through student government to address policies that endangered students. Soon after the legislation passed we were informed that the student hand book had been changed to reflect that pepper spray and mace were now legal for students to carry for self-defense purposes. Members of our YAL chapter have created a lasting impact on our campus community by ensuring students have the right to defend themselves,” said Garrett Kehr, YAL Ohio State Chair and Capital University Chapter President.