Zika Virus Update

The Numbers:

Zika Case Count: As of November 30, there were more than 37,700 confirmed cases of Zika virus in U.S. States and Territories.

  • 4,496 confirmed cases of Zika in U.S. States and District of Columbia.
  • 33,258 confirmed cases of Zika in U.S. Territories.

Pregnant women with evidence of Zika virus: As of November 17, there were more than 3,600 pregnant women with evidence of Zika virus.

  • 1,114 pregnant women in U.S. States and District of Columbia.
  • 2,561 pregnant women in U.S. Territories.

For a state-by-state table of Zika cases in the U.S. visit: http://www.cdc.gov/zika/geo/united-states.html

Theme for the Week of December 5: Zika: Know the Facts

  • The Zika theme for the week of December 5 is Zika: Know the Facts. There’s a lot of information out there about Zika. Make sure you have the right information.

Zika in the News

  • CDC supporting Texas investigation of possible local Zika transmission: On Monday, CDC announced that it had been informed by Texas health officials that Zika virus infection has been diagnosed in a resident of Brownsville, Texas, without any other known risk factors, suggesting possible local transmission of Zika virus infection. This case may be the first known occurrence of local mosquito-borne Zika virus transmission in the state. CDC is closely coordinating with Texas and local officials to increase surveillance efforts and vector control activities in this area.  To view the release in its entirety, please click here. If you have questions about this announcement, please email: media@cdc.gov