Hark, do I hear the sounds of wailing and nashing of teeth

The Arizona Republic editorial staff, as well as nearly every newspaper in America, endorsed the wrong candidate for president (no surprise). It must feel just awful being so wrong in public. All of the so-called experts were dead wrong. But everybody needs a recovery meal to deal with Donald Trump’s shocking election victory.

Let’s start with a big glass of milk, as in don’t cry over spilled milk. Let’s add a bowl of alphabet soup. The words you are using (Hillary for president, liberal agenda, more socialism) will soon be the words you are chewing. The main course will feature roasted crow as in eat crow. It leaves a nasty taste in your mouth but Democrats will get used to it. We can’t forget dessert and that means a big slice of humble pie. This is to offset all of the arrogance, ignorance and extreme hubris exhibited by liberal journalists across the nation. Elitists and liberals tend to be out of touch with reality and the lives or regular, blue collar folks otherwise known as “deplorables.”

The Editorial staff at the Republic and throughout the nation should be grateful to President Elect Trump for giving them job security the next 4 to 8 years. They can mock, ridicule and criticize Trump all they want but hardly anybody listens to their hateful, prejudices opinions. The influence of newspapers shaping public opinion has been decreasing sharply the past few decades.

Hark, do I hear the sounds of wailing and nashing of teeth at CNN, MSNBC and the Az. Republic?

Bill Spotts,

Mesa, Az.