New art exhibit featuring four well-known abstract artists

Karen Adams Blue Bayou
Karen Adams Blue Bayou

Scottsdale – The Mountain Top Experience art show opens December 16 at the Holland Gallery of Fine Art at 34250 North 60th Street, Building B, Scottsdale, Arizona 85266. The show runs through December 21 and reopens after the holidays, January 3-27. Gallery hours are 9 A.M.- 4 P.M. The Artists’ Reception is January 14, 2017, 4:30-6:30 P.M., and the public is invited to attend.

Mountain Top Experience is a four-person exhibition of abstract paintings by Karen Brace Adams, Dennis Kleidon, Elizabeth Moore and Judith Visker. Each artist has shown in galleries and exhibitions in the Phoenix region and throughout the United States.

Creating art is a “mountain top experience” – it entails a journey – one that is unpredictable, dangerous, thrilling, frustrating, exhausting and exhilarating. Just as there may be more than one way to scale the highest peak, there are many ways to create successful art. This exhibition displays the unique visions and abstract thinking of each of the artists. The end result is an exciting exhibition of abstract painting.

Karen Brace Adams. Adams was born and raised in Colorado and lived in Europe and California before landing in Phoenix twenty-five years ago. Self-taught, her main focus is abstract acrylic on canvas. Her artmaking is spontaneous and completely in the present moment. The process takes her back to simpler, childlike times with no worries or cares. Just simply from the heart.

Dennis Kleidon. Chicago-born artist Dennis Kleidon paints robust abstractions that explore the possibilities of paint in action. Through decades of sailboat racing, Kleidon is influenced by the turbulence of water, the violence of the wind and the complexity of nature’s details. A professor emeritus, Kleidon served on the art faculty at the University of Illinois and the University of Akron and is CEO of Kleidon & Associates, a marketing communications firm. Kleidon has exhibited his artwork in solo and joint shows in galleries, museums and juried exhibitions and is represented in many permanent collections.

Elizabeth Moore. Ancient and distant cultures have always intrigued me. Consequently, I enjoy creating ethnographic works of art in which text and other cultural symbols are embedded in my visual compositions in an effort to make meaning and allow each piece to speak a language all its own. Moore’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and has received many awards and recognitions. She has lived in Iowa, California, and on the East Coast, as well as traveling throughout the world.

Judith Visker. “To create an ‘original object’ that has not existed before that contains an aesthetic derived from my subconscious thoughts, emotions, and memory is the objective for my art. Imagery of structures and patterns reveal themselves as the art materials lead and I follow.” Influenced by the work of her cousin Robert Rauschenberg, she works expressively and fearlessly to create a uniqueness to her style that can be recognized as a Visker piece. Visker received her BFA and MA in studio a