Immigration Checkpoint Discovery Leads to 4 Arrests

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TUCSONTucson Sector Border Patrol agents discovered two Central Americans hidden in the trunk of a vehicle at an immigration checkpoint on Nov. 26, near Three Points, Arizona.
While inspecting a vehicle occupied by the driver and one passenger, agents obtained the driver’s consent to search the trunk and discovered two people locked inside with no means of escape. Agents arrested the driver and passenger, both U.S. citizens, and the illegal immigrants.
The driver and passenger now face human smuggling charges, while the illegal immigrants face removal proceedings in accordance with Tucson Sector guidelines.
Even with lower temperatures, transporting humans locked in the trunk of vehicles is extremely dangerous, according to Border Patrol officials. This dangerous tactic can result in tragedy due to improper ventilation and vehicle accidents.
Federal law allows the Border Patrol to charge individuals by complaint, a method that allows the filing of charges for criminal activity without inferring guilt. An individual is presumed innocent unless and until competent evidence is presented to a jury that establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Customs and Border Protection welcomes assistance from the community. Citizens can report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol by calling 1-877-872-7435 toll free. All calls will be answered and remain anonymous.