My advice to the walking dead

We all have President-elect Donald Trump to thank for the reversal of the social Darwinism foisted on the U.S. by a generation of the vacuous, by committed leftists of the Democrat party. And, we may thank an awaken American electorate for banishing that latest socialist wave to the scrapheap of history driving an electoral stack through the political heart of the left. But, like the walking dead they will not go away, already vocal and venomous they attack who we are as Americans and what we stand for.
With a complicit media the likes of Van Jones condemning a non-existent “White-Lash” when his intent is more likely a “White-Out” and Socialist loons advocate California’s secession from the union and the end of the electoral college; (welcome to mob rule). I understand their fury and their disappointment, because, as a conservative, I have spent eight years in purgatory envisioning an unspeakable hell with another leftist administration. Trump’s landslide must be heartbreaking for them, but landslide it was.
My advice to the walking dead, take two green drinks and call me in four years; you’ll feel better.
Randy Edwards

Cave Creek