Scottsdale launches citizen survey


Some Scottsdale residents have been randomly selected to participate in a survey to measure their views on the community and city programs and services. Feedback provided via the survey will be used to measure the quality of city services and considered in prioritizing future programs and services.

The National Citizen Survey allows residents to rate their overall quality of life and provide specific feedback about municipal services, public safety, customer service and their level of participation in community events and activities.

Initial notification to the 1,500 selected households is being sent this week, followed by the survey itself next week. After the randomly selected residents have an opportunity to respond, a web-based version will be available for all city residents to provide feedback. More information will be provided about the web survey early in January.

The survey is conducted by the National Research Center, Inc., and is designed specifically for use by local governments. Because similar surveys are conducted in hundreds of jurisdictions, Scottsdale can compare its results with other cities across the country.

The independent survey firm crafted unbiased questions and selected households and residents at random to assure every resident in Scottsdale has a chance to participate and every result includes a range of certainty known as the margin of error.

Survey results will be available in February 2017. More information and past survey results are available on the city’s web site at, search “citizen survey.”