According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The Democratic Party has given new meaning to the term (hitting foggy bottom). Let’s hope Sweet Nancy Pelosi gets her old job back to signify the Democratic party hasn’t learned a thing in the last 8 years. To keep the liberal drive alive the new head of the Democratic Party is black (that is fine) but wait for it, (the dude is a Muslim). Currently Democrats have lost big time in the last two mid-term elections, and this Presidential election with Trump leading the way is the last big nail in their coffin. The Democratic Party has reduced itself to a petty juvenile organization with major support from the liberal press and news media that has helped make it what it is today.

Senator Chuck Schumer who stated early on TV (It’s time for America to have a female President) OK Chuck–How did that brilliant idea work out? Schumer the new second banana in the Senate and Trump are old Manhattan buddies, so 2017 should be interesting. Senator harry Reid was the main Gargoyle in the senate for years, but soon it will be just Elizabeth Warren. She is easy to spot anywhere because she never shuts up.

It is very disturbing to me that the Democratic Party has become so uncivilized in the political sense. Not long ago some Hollywood stars threatened to leave the USA if Trump won, it was just a publicity stunt to make them look smart because Hillary was supposed to be a shoe in to win and they believed it. Ok The show is over, the Queen lost so why are you still here?

Dearly Beloved–Here is a late bulletin (The Democrats have noticed only white guys so far in the Trump entourage) OK–How about competence instead of quotas?–And that’s how you keep your powder dry–

PVT South