According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved, week two and the Democrats are still going around like the Keystone Cops looking for a glimmer of hope that would help Hillary. Trump got the popular vote so the Electoral College is not the only political game in town. The Queen lost. (Thank you Founding Fathers) Can whoever find out how many undocumented Democrats actually voted? (Good Question) Have you noticed when Democrats lose they want to change the rules?

PVT South is not a fan of early voting because it creates the opportunity for fraud. Why do We The People vote early in November on a Tuesday? Blame the farmers. Very early on work on the farm in November was slow so which would make it a good time to vote, according to Congress. Voting in warmer months sounds better to me now because our population is well over 300 million. How about voting at some schools after school ends or before it starts? It would also help if all voters were at least 21 years old instead of 18 to slow down some of the juvenile repercussions that have been going on. A sound National ID System would also help and the Government would have real numbers to work with instead of estimated figures.

Have you noticed America is going to (Pot), and what the hell is that all about? It created more tax revenue but at what cost to the folks? In Colorado you can now buy candy and cookies laced with marijuana. (Is that a good thing? The jury is still out.)

Why are young protesters showing their ass in large numbers especially in California? It’s not so much they didn’t get their way, most of those Dumb Dumb’s still believe in Santa Clause. Queen Hillary was talking about abolishing student loans and making everything free like good ole Bernie, and don’t forget raising taxes on the rich and open borders. Education is still controlled mostly by Democrats, so I’m sure students were encouraged by some of the teachers to walk out.. The Ivy League Universities have become an embarrassment to higher education and the beat goes on.

For comic relief I would like to see Mayor de Blasio of New York be recalled and replaced by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. That Dearly Beloved is how Manhattan can keep its powder dry in the future.

PVT South