Foothills Academy wins award

A local charter school, Foothills Academy College Prep, recently entered in the “Hey, John Oliver! Back Off My Charter School” video competition with the help of the younger campus, Foothills Academy Elementary Prep. This competition simply required charter schools across the nation to record their personal stories on why having charter schools is an important option for all. The Center for Education Reform created this competition after John Oliver, the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight’s show, did an episode bashing the effectiveness of charter schools. The students at Foothills Academy came together, and not only starred in the film, but produced it as well. The video project was entirely completed by the students. Foothills Academy won the “Inspiring Minds” award, accompanied with a $1,000 dollar cash award that the students have decided to put towards renovating their sports field.

Below is the email passed on from the school:

Dear students,
Sharing something fun with you today: A group of our students participated in a contest to respond to celebrity John Oliver’s anti-charter school message. They produced a great short film on a very short timeline and won the “Inspiring Minds” honor, accompanied by $1000. The students decided that the money awarded to our school should go towards our grass field project.
Mrs. Moreira