Comb up a lovely pompadour

mullet over

Talk about a bum deal: In the 1936 Olympics, a boxer named Thomas Hamilton-Brown apparently lost an officials’ decision in his opening match. Distraught at what he considered to be a miscarriage of justice, Thomas soothed his sorrow by drinking wine and gorging himself with rich food. Too late, it was discovered that the competitors’ scorecards had been mixed up and that Hamilton-Brown was the actual winner. Alas, the distressed fighter had consumed so much food and drink that he could not “make the weight” for his next scheduled match and was disqualified.

Poi, a popular Hawaiian food, is made by boiling taro root to remove calcium oxalate (a poison). The resulting purple paste is then pounded into a mud-like consistency. Native Hawaiians seem to like the resulting fare, but many non-Hawaiians describe poi as a mud-like paste pretty good for gluing, but marginally edible.

I never knew that the hairstyle of James Dean and Elvis Presley had a particular name. The special comb-back is called a pompadour. If I tried that comb-back, I fear it should look more like a comb-over.

Sir Isaac Newton, a great scientist and mathematician, was employed as Warden of the Mint of England. He often worried his peers when he would go out on some evenings wearing various disguises and mingling with rowdies at numerous London taverns. Sir Isaac was on the lookout for counterfeiters and reportedly snared several offenders.

McDonald’s has plans to introduce two new sizes of the classic Big Mac. Having have never been noted for my will power or fine judgment, I shall now be confronted with a new set of decisions. Good luck to me and others of my feeble ilk.

Rhode Island is the smallest state (area-wise) in the U.S.A. It also has the nation’s longest official state name: “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.”

It was on April 25, 1976 in centerfield at Dodger Stadium that Cubs centerfielder Rick Monday made what I consider the best catch in the history of major league baseball. The action occurred as two “fans” doused an American flag with flammable liquid and were hurriedly lifting the banner to set it ablaze when Rick swooped in and snatched the flag away, carrying it to safety. The perpetrators were arrested and Monday was given a standing ovation. Well, if you so desire (and have the required mane), comb up a lovely pompadour while enjoying a great week.