Find gratitude in abundance at Unity of Carefree Cave Creek

CAVE CREEK – Thanksgiving is next week, and Unity of Carefree Cave Creek’s Reverend Lori Fleming knows the value of gratitude. She explained, “Some of us say grace before eating a meal. It is a recognition that we are about to enjoy some delicious food that will nourish our bodies.  What if everyone started being grateful for EVERYTHING in his or her life? By everything I mean both the good and the not so good.”

For those who believe in divine intervention, or the alignment of the stars, or even putting out to the universe what you wish to get back, being grateful sets up an energy that attracts more of that for which we are thankful. During this holiday season, “Reverend Lori” invites everyone to use gratitude for every blessing or challenge that happens, because truly, what we think about becomes manifest in our lives.

Gratitude, guidance, spirituality, the belief that all people are created with sacred worth, that’s what you’ll find at Unity of Carefree Cave Creek. Rev. Lori, a licensed and ordained Unity minister, encourages those who have struggled to find their places in traditional churches to listen to her message on Sundays from 10 to 11 a.m. at 5504 E. Palo Brea Lane (enter home off 56th St.).

At Unity, the goal is to help individuals have stronger connections to God every day by healing them to feel empowered, accepted, loved, inspired and connected. And it’s always love-based, never fear-based –  positive and inviting. Unity, considered a new-thought church, serves all denominations and welcomes folks to come with their “god(s) of understanding.”

Each week, more members show up to enjoy the “music, meditation and a timely message to start the week on just the right note.” If your interest is piqued, join them! If you have questions, phone 623-738-4694 or visit You will be grateful you did!