Disgraceful and disgusting

I’m sorry, but this needs to be said.

The media and ‘the movement’ (whatever that is about, perhaps destroying America one cornerstone at a time) response to the election results is revolting.  What prompts this note?  I just finished reading the NY Times, which today was full of liberal progressive vitriol and hate.  They don’t like the outcome?  Too freaking bad!

Perhaps they can now begin to understand how the silent majority felt after the two elections of Barack Hussein Obama, a true empty suit and chair.  BUT, we didn’t riot, we didn’t march, we didn’t kill police and we didn’t disrespect our form of government or our Constitution, the very Constitution which affords them the right to protest.  They may not like Trump, or his pride in America, but at least he has accomplished much in his lifetime.

By contrast, Obama was an absentee Senator whose major accomplishment prior to being elected to the Senate was acting as a community organizer in Chicago.  As President for eight years he has shown what a useless pawn he has been.  While I respect the Office and our Constitution, I cannot respect this person.  His abuse of presidential power and his contempt for our laws sealed that deal. He had the power to heal yet he chose to divide.  He has damaged race relations to the breaking point.  Our long standing allies tolerated him even as he moved our nation away from them.  To our enemies America became an impotent joke.  His damage to America may last decades.

To the outspoken liberals who promised to leave America, please honor your words and do so, quickly.  To our Veterans, Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

John Traynor