The Donald wins!!!!

my view

Don SorchychWe can breathe again!

Now Hillary can be charged and jailed. Let’s hope she is indicted after Obama is retired so she cannot be pardoned.

Trump made many promises to the voters. Congress agreeing to do what is required is critical to our success as a nation:

~Build a wall on our southern border. Today it can be backed by modern technology and increased manning by border control agents.

~Deport illegal aliens, which is quick and permanent. Although critics maintain it is impossible to deport 11 million people, a guy who built many businesses will know how to do it, even though there are more like 20 million illegals here.

A good example is Arizona after SB1070 became law. Seeing the writing on the wall, illegals self-deported. Cave Creek had illegals camping in the desert that were employed as day laborers with the aid of a local church and were probably burglars. Hispanic activists managed to recall SB1070 author and patriot Russel Pearce and liberal courts softened the law. So deporting is entirely doable, but only if the government is serious.

~Eliminate corruption in government. Corruptions of all kinds flourish in Washington now and have for generations. Given that and civil service laws, the road to rid government of corruption will be loaded with traps and land mines. It is doubtful elimination for outright incompetence and illegal conduct will be accomplished in a term. In any case strong congressional support is necessary.

~Convert/control the many federal agencies. Currently the Attorney General’s office is out of control as is the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, FEMA and EPA, mostly accomplished by Obama during his eight long years.

Trump’s administration must have a conservative bent to get the economy rolling and EPA must be dismantled to stop its drag on the economy. The only way to pay our $20 trillion debt is with vigorous business growth and government interference must be stopped; laws must change which once again means congressional help.

Trade negotiation will now be in expert proven hands and we will stop being the loser President Trump sees us as now.

Foreign nations need to respect us and they will with Trump in office. Having them pay us for their defense is both reasonable and feasible.

Right now ISIS is the enemy of all western nations and we have slaughtered enough of our military. It makes sense that we team with Russia as we did in WWII. Overpowering technology will win that war.

And we should stop pedaling democracy. Whatever type of government a country decides to have, let them, but we must keep our eyes and ears on them.

We must stop allowing Islamists into this country. Islam is not a religion; it is a movement whose goal is to dominate the world. How do you fight a movement where dying for the “cause” results in a heaven with 72 virgins?

Our constitution is favorable to their growth only if they are given religious status.

Trump will reorient all government functions, eliminate the left agenda in government and will appoint Supreme Court justices like Justice Antonin Scalia – in other words, a conservative court.

This is only a Readers Digest version, there is much more to come, all good!