What we leave behind—matters!

Joseph R. John

The below listed article was written by one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, Capt R. Buddy Welborn, USNA Class of 1959, USN (Ret), PhD, who is a Trustee of the US Naval Academy Foundation. The article should be read by every American before they vote in the national election.  Capt Welborn was motivated to write the article after reading Eric Bolling’s bestselling book, “Wake Up America!” It supports “The Free Enterprise System” that created the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, and encourages instilling the “Pride in America” in our nation’s youth.

Over the past 8 years, Common Core has force fed its corrupted version of US History in grammar, Junior high, and high schools.  The teaching of Patriotic Pride, that once was uniform, has been downgraded and in some cases eliminated.  Some teachers have actually raised the Mexican flag over their schools, and in some schools the “Pledge Allegiance” to the flag has also been eliminated.   The “Pride In America” once instilled in all grammar, junior high, & high schools has been downgraded by the Common Core Curriculum being taught using US History books with a corrupted version of US History.

The religious values upon which the Republic was founded are no longer taught to students.  That is partially responsible for the acceptance of Socialism by young students, who have not been taught the strengths of the Republican form of government, in comparison with the flawed Socialist form of government being subtly promoted by the Common Core curriculum.  The students are not taught that Socialism has never worked in any country where it has ever been tried over the last 100+ years.

The Department of Human Resources is requiring State School Boards to purchase US History books, with a corrupted version of US History, that are required by the Common Core curriculum.  The revised US History books, along with the Common Core curriculum, have eliminated many of the early Patriots, find fault with many of the Founding Fathers, no longer instills “Patriotic Pride”, inserts new individuals to make the history politically correct, and criticizes the motives of the nation throughout history.  Many teachers who do not have “Pride in America”, teach the Common Core curriculum, and use US History books with corrupted versions of US History, have created a generation of students who no longer have “Pride in America.”

America witnessed the lack of “Pride in America” by young professional football players refusing to stand when the National Anthem is played prior to the commencement of the game—the disrespect for the National Anthem is being copied at some high school football games by some high school football players copying the professional football players.  Many of the weak kneed owners of Professional Football Teams, and the Executives of the National Football league (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) are allowing the National Anthem and the American Flag to be dishonored at professional football games.

Young football players who refuse to stand when the National Anthem is played, continue their disrespect because the owners lack the backbone to put an end to it. The American fans are making the NFL and the AFL lose at the box office, by substantially reducing their attendance.  There is an obvious difference of how the National Anthem and the American Flag are honored during professional baseball games, and how the National Anthem and the American Flag are treated at professional football games.

The Combat Veterans For Congress subscribe to Capt Welborn’s philosophy “What We Leave Behind—Matters”.  The Mission Statement for the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC supports the Republican form of government that the Founding Fathers created for Americans.  Obama and Hillary are disciples of Alinsky, and we do not endorse their plans to change the Republic to an intrusive and oppressive big central form of government, a Socialist form of government.

In 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What have we got?”, he said,  “A Republic, if you can keep it.” By reading our Mission Statement you will understand that we endeavor to support and “leave behind” the Free Enterprise System for the Republic, Freedom of Religion guaranteed to all Americans by the US Constitution, an educational system that teaches students to have “Pride in America,” and a strong US military that will guarantee “Peace Thru Strength.”  Donald Trump Supports our Mission Statement.  If you click on the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OCabT_O0YSM, you will be able to watch a video that will tell you why we believe Donald Trump will be elected as the next U.S. President; then please read Capt. Welborn’s article.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt.    USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC 

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108



What We Leave Behind—Matters!

By Raymond Burke Wellborn, Sr. PhD

It is a salient trait of our race of Homo sapiens to strive for a better life for our children. So, What We Leave Behind Matters. Pointedly, We is the operative word here for our race—in that there is only one. [Suggestion: The next time you fill in the box for “Race” do so with an “H.”]

With that prefatory, let me introduce Eric Bolling, who is the author of “Wake Up America!” After reading his book, I just had to write a follow-on referring to it. Eric wrote that “Grit,  Merit, Providence, Individualism, Thrift”—and, above all, “Pride in Our Country”—for which people around the world look to America to bolster Hope, Inspiration, and Opportunity.”

Those of us who are direct descendants of what has been called “The Greatest Generation” have a respectful obligation to leave behind A Better America for our children and their children than the “America, the Beautiful” that was passed down for us to live and prosper.

At the end of World War II, the World-Outer-Island1 essentially was the Last Man Standing, in that, the World-Island1 had been devastated by War from the nation-islands off its Western shore [the UK] to the nation-islands off its Far Eastern shore [Japan].

The inherent abilities of the people of the Outer Island, particularly in the United States of America, were tested to their limits to resupply—and help rebuild their war-wrecked countries.  The USA—We, the People—stood to the fore. Yes, We profited from doing so—but, in so doing, We demonstratively proved that a Free Market—Capitalism—could prosper in a Free Country governed by the people in it WHO ARE FREE TO ELECT THE OFFICIALS THAT GOVERN THEM, a la, The Great American Experiment!

Notably, the Marshall Plan was “Foreign Aid.” Helping others around the world became the mantra for the USA. And, yes, it has cost US—We, the People—in Fortune and in Blood.  Pointedly, in helping to save them, We have buried our dead heroes Over There—and are $19-trillion in Debt. But it was not all due to Foreign Aid. Needless to say, Our elected Officials did not manage Our Budget frugally. And now We need an Executive manager that can step up to the politically wreaked bar and Get Her Done. And it’s not going to be pretty.

In 1974, Dr. J. Ronald Fox of Harvard Business School published “Arming America”.in which he developed a Measure of Effectiveness [MOE] that he called “Tax-Dollar Turnover.” He defined it so as to capture how many times a tax-dollar spent today by the government was turned over to pay for the outreach of labor and material in days to come as the appropriated funds were spent for the continuation of the Planned Program.

Yes, the initial expenditure of those appropriated funds may well be non-taxable expenses—until the money gets to an entity that must claim it as income and pay taxes on it. But, along the way, those dollars may well have paid others for their contracted work.

Be that as it is, government spending is slower than the private sector. It remains, though, that Tax-Dollar-Turnover can be a Measure Of Effectiveness to depict how much that tax dollar turned over along the way to pay others for their goods and services that, in turn, stimulated the economy. So, yes, the progress for our government’s Planning Programming and Budgeting System [PPBS] is slow compared to the private sector—BUT can affect Our national economy.

Notably, some of those tax-dollar turnovers were associated with government expenditures on infrastructure enhancement that had a tax-dollar turnover of almost 2.0. Comparably, expenditures for Foreign Aid had a tax-dollar turnover of 0.85—which was less than 1.0 because of corruption. Spending appropriated funds for Arming America, a la, Defense being one of the largest “Corporations” in the world, ranged from 1.5 to 3.0. That 3.0 was for shipbuilding of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier—comparable to building a self-sustaining city of 5,000 people…

So, Our take on government spending should be that We, the People, put OUR collective mouth where OUR collective dollars are. Then, in so doing, We should demand that those collective tax dollars be levied wisely—and spent responsibly. If not, it is within OUR purview, in having sovereign status, “to elect” someone who can, to wit:

“Government is the people’s business, and every man, woman, and child becomes a shareholder with the first penny of tax paid.”~ Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004, 40th POTUS (1981- 89).

Therefore, We, the People, should demand that Our government set standards for appropriated funds that, essentially, will invest in something that yields better than 1.5+ Tax-Dollar Turnover. Among other things, this could be Shipbuilding. In logical substantiation of that, consider that We live on an island nation; thus, it follows that We need ships to transport goods for import/export. Pointedly, at the end of WWII, the USA was, in fact, the leading maritime power in the world – and rightfully so. We also were the Arsenal of Democracy—the greatest manufacturing base still left standing in closing, I submit that the main problem with “Government-as-usual” is it doing more than it should. Government’s role in most things should be overseeing, encouraging, stimulating—but not with money. Government should have a guiding hand, not a hand-out! Moreover, prioritizing should be in a government directive, such that—in most cases—where the country would benefit most. But the way it has been—rather than those initiatives—that government likes to take over and then increase taxes to meet their desired goals. Or, worse yet, go into debt so the “theys” can continue to spend.

What’s missing, not only for spending but for Law and Order, is Executive control—and discipline–from a knowledgeable Leader. In Wake Up America, Eric Bolling asseverates that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a nightmare. I proffer that many Americans sense that politics as usual is not working and that We, the People, need someone to champion

Capt Welborn is a Trustee for the Naval Academy Foundation.  Upon graduation from the US Naval Academy, Capt Welborn was awarded the prestigious Thompson Trophy for “Outstanding Achievement in Athletics”.  For all three of his varsity years, Buddy Welborn played on Navy’s Football Teams with winning seasons – 1956 (6-1-2), 1957 (9-1-1), 1958 (6-3).  He was on Navy’s 1956 team that beat Notre Dame’s team (and Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung) 33-7 in Baltimore, and the next year he was AP’s Back of the Week for scoring all three touchdowns for Navy’s 20-7 win over Notre Dame in South Bend.  He shared rushing honors on the Navy team that shut out Army (Anderson and Dawkins) 14-0 in 1957.  The next season he shared rushing honors; he scored a touchdown in Navy’s 20-14 win over Michigan in the “Big House” and he shared rushing honors on the Navy team that beat Rice for the Cotton Bowl Championship in 1958.