Narrowing streets is a bad idea

The City of Phoenix is planning to narrow Osborn and Missouri. This is a bad idea. Supposedly it will benefit bikers and walkers but the city has no data on the use of these roads by either bikers or walkers. And what about the expense to drivers? I routinely use these roads as alternates for Indian School and Camelback. If one lane of traffic is eliminated on Osborn and Missouri it will just dump more traffic on the already crowed arterials.

Why would Phoenix even consider such a ridiculous move? This is leftist mentality at work that wants to force people out of their automobiles and onto mass transit or bicycles. The purpose of the Phoenix transportation planning department SHOULD be to find ways to get people to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible, NOT to satisfy some leftist planner’s idea of what “Complete Streets” (the latest buzz word) should look like.

Complete Streets” is not appropriate except possibly for the densest areas of downtown Phoenix. While city planners are busy removing lanes of traffic, the congestion in our city is only getting worse. Please let your council person know you want them to adjust their priorities to preserve sanity in our planning.


Roy Miller
Member-Phoenix Citizens Transportation Commission