Huma Abedin whose mother and brother advocate for radical Islamists is a danger to our national security

Joseph R. John

By watching this video ( you will be able to learn a great deal about the background of Huma Abedin and her strong affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization. The Muslim Brotherhood is considered a dangerous threat by many countries because of its philosophy, and because it created Al Q’ieda, ISIS and spawned many other terrorist organizations worldwide.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been banned from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Jordan, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirate because it has been designated a “Terrorist” organization by those countries; the Muslim Brotherhood tried to overthrow those countries, and also the governments of Syria and Libya, and is has been infiltrating the government of the United States for eight years, with the aggressive support of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama has been filling the Washington bureaucracy, including DHS, the CIA, the FBI, DOD, the National Security Council, the White House, the State Department, every Department of Government, every US Intelligence Agency, and the US Armed Forces, with thousands of members of Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Some of those front groups are the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Political Action Committee (MPAC), and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); a number of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups have become a “Fifth Column.”

Anyone who has qualified for a government security clearance is no doubt wondering how Huma Abedin ever qualified for a Top Secret (SCI) security clearance. They will therefore begin to fully understand just how very dangerous Hillary has been, and will be to the National Security of the United States, with Huma Abedin as her number one aide. The American voters must be fully informed about Huma Abedin, because Huma Abedin will probably be tapped to be Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff in the White House, if Hillary were ever elected.

Huma Abedin was Hillary’s number one aide when they worked closely with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, initiated the dangerous Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement, negotiated the agreement over a four year period, and recently doubled down on it, by saying Hillary supports what is actually the most dangerous Nuclear Weapons Agreement ever negotiated by the U.S. in history.  The terms of the agreement, Hillary agrees with, resulted in Obama giving $150 billion to Iran, that it is using to take over Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Iraq, and the agreement didn’t have a provision in it, which it should have had, to restrict Iran from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles.  It will just be a matter of time before Iran will be able to install their nuclear warheads atop their intercontinental ballistic missiles, and be able to strike the United States with nuclear tipped missiles.

We encourage you to read “Excerpt From Women In Islam,” (Sunday, August 21, 2016, HUMA ABEDIN’S MOTHER: An Advocate for Radical Islamists and Repression) about Huma Abedin’s mother and brother, who are advocates for the oppressive genital mutilation of Muslim women.  You will understand just how two faced Hillary is in her advocacy for women’s rights.

As Secretary of State Hillary had the authority to approve the transfer of 25 percent of the critical strategic production of uranium of the United States, away from the United States, and for transfer of that strategic asset of U.S. uranium to Russia’s State Atomic Nuclear Agency (ROSATOM).  The Clinton Foundation received $145 million from one of Vladimir Putin’s front companies for betraying the United States.   After the transfer of 25 percent of the entire U.S.’s production of uranium to Vladimir Putin’s ROSATOM, a further payoff was made on January 3, 2014 to John Podesta, Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Chairman.  John Podesta was placed on the Board of Directors of a Vladimir Putin backed energy company, Joule Unlimited Technologies, Ltd., and was issued 75,000 shares of stock in that Vladimir Putin controlled company.

The next month, on February 22, 2014, in an all-night session, Putin convened his Security Service Chiefs to meet about Crimea. Five days later, on February 27, 2014, masked Russian troops, without insignias on their uniforms, forcibly took over the Supreme Council of Crimea. On March 14, 2014, Russia moved in force into Crimea and annexed Crimea. One wonders if that was a Quid Pro Quo that occurred after the Uranium Deal? Obama and Kerry effectively did nothing when Crimea was invaded by Russia, and they are also doing nothing while Russia is currently in the process of invading Ukraine with masked Russian troops, again without insignias on their uniforms.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt.     USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108