Candidate resources

Would you happen to have any resources to get more info for the candidates on the November ballot?  I am having a tough time finding anything on the CENTRAL AZ WATER CNSRV DIST and the CAVE CREEK UNIF NO. 93.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am voting for the only qualified candidate for President, Donald Trump.  I plan to write Kelli Ward in the place of RINO John McCain.  Thanks again for any help you might offer.

Gary Natschke

Gary, please read the letter below for help with information about candidates.

Voter guide to help inform voters for the upcoming election

Let’s look at this fall’s election from a local level. Arizona voters will be choosing candidates to represent them in the United States Congress, Arizona legislature and in dozens of local offices like school boards, city councils, county boards and in judicial offices.

State and local elected officials often have a greater impact on our daily lives than those in Washington. It would serve us well to get to know these candidates and take the time to choose wisely who represents us here at home.

Every election season, Center for Arizona Policy produces a non-partisan voter guide. Candidates are all asked the same questions of interest to the voters.

At, a voter can compare answers and vote for the candidate who best aligns with his or her values.

The website will lead you right to your district – a personal Voter Guide, of sorts. It provides links to find your polling place, ballot measure information, and other helpful tools.

And, yes, has information about the judges on the retention ballot.

It’s up to each of us to cast an informed vote. I hope makes a voter’s responsibility a little easier. Be the difference this election – Vote!

Cathi Herrod, President
Center for Arizona Policy