America Blackmailed

Days ago, Iran sentenced two Iranian–Americans to 10 years in prison, setting the stage to once again capitalize on President Obama’s willingness to negotiate with state-sponsored terrorists.

Iran has agreed to release the hostages on one condition: The U.S. government must send “many billions of dollars” as a ransom payment, again.

Thanks to Obama’s pet project, the Iran nuclear deal, which included a secret $1.7 billion ransom payment, Obama has sent a clear message to Iran and other hostile countries – the U.S. will bow to terrorist demands, and will not put up a fight.

If you agree that under no circumstances should America ever surrender to terrorist demands, please help me stop Hillary Clinton from continuing Obama’s policy of total surrender.

Friend, ever since Obama handed Iran the keys to the nuclear kingdom, Iran has demonstrated increased aggression towards America, taking citizens hostage and threatening our military presence.

And Hillary Clinton is as much to blame as anyone.

The foundations of the Iran nuclear deal were laid while Hillary was Secretary of State, and she has continued vocally supporting it despite Iran’s amplified aggression towards Americans.

The Iran nuclear deal is the worst appeasement policy in modern American history and it has compromised our security.

Election Day is near and the President’s number one priority must be protecting our country from foreign threats. That is why we cannot allow Hillary Clinton to become president.

Please stand with me today to help me stop Hillary from further compromising American strength and security.

For America,

John Bolton