America, a psychiatric patient

Steele Coddington

The country has become crazy. How come? It’s like family. If your parents don’t set an example, the kids go crazy. If most of your nation’s leaders are: corrupt, have nutty beliefs or foreign ideologies, are personal misfits, proven liars, unable to make crisis decisions, lack common sense, hide their incompetence, place ambition above what’s ethical and good for their country, place blame on others and actively pursue false objectives – it becomes the norm! We become like them!

What else can you expect if your leader, who should set the example, is a liar with a record so steeped in failure it compels him to brag narcissistically about his accomplishments with a perverted sense of pride. His equally perverted accomplices defend the worst foreign policy disasters as a legacy and hide the certainty of consequences that could destroy the country . . . like the Iran Nuclear deal; withdrawals from Iraq; open doors for Cuba; failure to confront enemies; alienation of our allies and friends; domestically ruin an economy; tatter a healthcare system; damage the Rule of Law and begin the destruction of a Judeo/Christian culture with unlimited immigration. The list can’t end without citing the politicization of the IRS, the FBI and the inculcation of the corruption of government agencies by allowing discrimination against members of an opposition party.

That’s my current brief expletive on the Democrat wrecking ball, including the country’s most accomplished liar running for Commander in Chief whose thought process would have shocked Sigmund Freud. She has created a political climate that has become an exchange of blame, accusations, dislike, hatred and pontifications on the right or wrong of gender and race and who is fat or skinny or doesn’t wear pant suits.

Just to clear the air, I’ll apologize and ask for forgiveness for my own youthful missteps. In fourth grade I threw a snowball at a girl in my class. Her father beat me up, so I never threw another one. And worst of all, when I was a Cub Scout at camp I joined the other guys singing this inexcusable locker room rendition of “Popeye the Sailorman;”

“I’m Popeye the Sailorman,

I’m Popeye the Sailorman.

I love to go swimmin’

With bowlegged women…..” but changed the last line to “bare-naked women” because the very thought of it seemed naughty but funny. I’m sorry and will recommend a trigger warning room at some Catholic Church hated by Hillary and her gang that was exposed by Russian hackers

I think I’ve found the answer to my various cultural trespasses and will begin my resurrection by following the wonderful habit of two relief pitchers for the Chicago Cubs. One, Hector Rondon, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “…is appealing to a super natural power,” that helps the Cubs win if he sprays himself with the cologne “Sexual Paris.” His fellow relief pitcher Pedro Strop uses the scent of Yves Saint Laurent, ‘L’Homme.” His advice is, “You smell good you perform good.” Everyone on their team admires them for their smell – because it helps them win.

I found two old bottles of men’s cologne in my closet. Both were Chanel. The oldest one was labeled “For Men,” and the newer one was more market oriented with a label reading “Pour Monsieur.” Now I’ve sprayed myself to improve my smell because as pitcher Strop says, “I don’t want to smell. I want to smell good.” I’m sending a tank truck full of Chanel to Washington, DC addressed to Obama and his gang of BS pitchers. It won’t fix such losers, but maybe they’ll smell better. Hate to tell you how many people follow me around the park on my daily walk now, complementing me on how much I’ve changed.