Watch out for El Jefe

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In the early 60s, before Mick Jagger became very famous, he worked as a porter in London’s Bexley Mental Hospital. He was paid the equivalent of $8 per week.

Near Tucson, Arizona an animal quite rare in the U.S. has established his hunting territory in part of the Coronado National Forest. The animal is a male jaguar. Panthera onca is a local celebrity named “El Jefe” (The Boss). A local beer is named after him. Several people claim to have seen the spotted cat since first detected in 2011. His photograph has been snapped numerous times and his growth has been documented as having increased from an estimated 120 lbs. to about 180 lbs. A well-funded copper mining company wants to open a large open pit mine in El Jefe’s hunting range. The mine would offer 400 permanent jobs and a $700 million influx of money into the community. A fight in courts and with local news agencies rages.

There are more than 3,000 tribes in Africa, many with their own distinct language. However, there exists the Hadza tribe in Tanzania that is genetically isolated and has a language largely consisting of tongue clicks that is not closely related to any other linguistic dialect.

Zoologists recently noted humans are not the only animals to deliberately season their food. At least one zoo elephant (named Ambika) prefers to walk several steps in order to sprinkle her hay with various grains available for consumption.

Research shows the most common “bad dream” is being nude or partially nude in public. Another common nightmare is being chased by threatening people or animals. One of my bad dreams is that certain people will be elected to office.

Scientists claim the surface of a lightning bolt is often hotter than the surface of the sun.

All homes built in Serenbe, Georgia are required to have a front porch.

In an unusual survey, it was discovered that one-third of department store Santas have been urinated on by children during at least one Christmas season. It would seem unpleasant to be the next child in line.

Meanwhile, on New Year’s Eve in Boise, Idaho officials drop a 16 foot mock-up of a potato as the final seconds of the previous year are counted down. Those watching the celebration are called “spec-taters.” Ole’ para la papa! Well, watch out for El Jefe and have a great week.
James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at