Are You Concerned About Voting For Donald Trump?

Joseph R. John

If an American voter is not drawn to either presidential candidate at the “top-of-the-ticket” that American voter should seriously review the party platforms of both political parties.

The Democratic and Republican party platforms are as different as night and day. The American voter should vote for the party platform that would best protect the Republic, and our children, if they can’t vote for the candidate.

The Democratic platform is a Socialist Manifesto; it supports open borders, sanctuary cities, the continued entry of Moslem refugees without vetting them to determine if they have terrorist ties, does not support the emergency expenditure to stop the hollowing out of the United States Armed Forces and is the most left leaning anti-American document ever drafted by a United States political party in 240 years.

The GOP platform is supportive of rebuilding the strength the United States Armed Forces, supports of The Free Enterprise System, strongly supports the precepts of the United States Constitution, protects the rights of all Americans under the 2nd Amendment, calls for enforcing United States Federal Immigration Laws that Obama has been violating for 8 years, calls for securing the wide open southern border through which terrorists have been entering the United States at will, and supports a medical system that doesn’t discriminate against hard working employed Americans and small business owners.

America is coming precariously close to being a second rate military power; Obama has degraded the “Combat Effectiveness” of the United States Armed Forces for 8 years, and forced new and very dangerous Rules of Engagement on the United States Armed Forces that have increased combat forces “Killed In Action” by 458 percent and increased combat forces “Wounded In Action” by 378 percent.

Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s policies that have degraded the “Combat Effectiveness” of the United States Armed Forces. Hillary was so inept, and over a 9 month period, she could not provide security for a 13 acre sized United States Mission in Benghazi, resulting in the death of four Americans – and the Democratic Party wants to turn the security of the nation over to her.

Donald Trump will reverse Obama’s policies that have degraded the “Combat Effectiveness” of the United States Armed Forces, will strengthen the United States Armed Forces, and reinstall tried and true Rules of Engagement that existed long before 2008 that save the lives of millions of members of the United States Armed Forces for over 100 years.

In 2008 when Hillary Clinton made the reset with Russia, the United States had 250 more Nuclear Weapons in its stockpile than Russia had. Since the reset, Russia has increased the Nuclear Weapons in its stockpile to exceed the United States Stockpile by more than 400 Nuclear Weapons; Hillary and Obama, intentionally made the United States a weaker nuclear power.

Donald Trump will restore the strength and reliability of the United States nuclear stockpile and will miniaturize and modernize United States nuclear weapons which have fallen behind the miniaturizing and modernizing of Russia’s and China’s nuclear weapons stockpile.

The United States under Obama, has become morally, economically, spiritually, and militarily weak.

There are very clear identifiable indicators—very easily measurable indicators—that America is no longer the world’s only Superpower, which was the premier position it held in 2008 before Obama was elected to office. The United States Army now has less military personnel than it had before WWII (386,000), less ships that the United States Navy had before WWI (270 ships from 590 ships), and less Aircraft in the United States Air Force than it has ever had (12 wings, when a very minimum of 24 wings are required).  There are no longer sufficient spare parts to repair equipment; operating equipment has to be cannibalized to make repairs to other equipment.

Donald Trump will reduce the highest United States corporate taxes in the world so business and individuals will be able to spend more to help stimulate the economy. Mr Trump will also rein in the massive out of control government spending, and reduce government “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.”

Hillary will dramatically increase taxes, so government can spend more. Hillary will expand government spending, increasing the already unsustainable government debt of $20 Trillion and will do absolutely nothing about government “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.”

Donald Trump will expose misuse of capital that persists among the Washington Ruling Political Class and the K Street Washington lobbyists who take advantage of taxpayers and abuse expenditures of taxpayer funds.

Hillary Clinton thrives in the company of the Washington Ruling Political Class and works closely with the K Street Washington lobbyists.

Hillary Clinton has no plan to stimulate the economy or provide support the Free Enterprise System that has built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind.

Donald Trump will use every means possible to stimulate the United States economy, support the Free Enterprise System, cut the highest business taxes in the world that have been driving businesses out of the country and will prevent 20 + million Illegal Aliens in the United States from taking jobs from 95 million unemployed Americans.

“Political Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Religious Freedom” need to exist together. If one is taken away, the other two will eventually disappear. Any one of those Freedoms cannot exist without the other two. For 240 years, the genius of America has been that all three Freedoms have survived, but all three Freedoms have been under attack by Obama for 8 years.

Donald Trump fully understands that Religious Freedom has been under attack in the United States Military and in the Christian community by Obama and he has spoken about it. Mr. Trump also understands that Economic Freedom has been degraded by Obama’s Socialism (ObamaCare and Common Core) and wide open borders have created a massive drug economy that does not contribute to the GNP. For 8 years Obama has intentionally eroded Political Freedom blocking the use of Voter IDs to verify citizenship, and is supporting massive voter fraud through programs at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Hillary will continue Obama’s 8 years of attacks on Religious, Economic, and Political  Freedom—she will also attack, the rule of law,  law enforcement, and right of every American to own a firearm in accordance with the provisions of the Second Amendment.

American citizens understand that the pool of 11 superbly qualified Federal Judges Mr. Trump said he would use to appoint a new Justice to the Supreme Court who will support Religious, Political, and Economic Freedoms, rule in accordance with the provisions of the United States Constitution and support the Second Amendment.

Hillary’s very liberal appointees would attack the provisions of the 2nd Amendment and will degrade the vestiges of the three freedoms mentioned above.

Hillary Clinton is the most inept an dangerous candidate who has ever run for President of the United States.

Joseph R. John, United StatesNA ‘62

Capt. United StatesN(Ret)/Former FBI

Regional Chariman. Sothern California Veterans 4 Trump

Orange County, Imperial County, and San Diego County)

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108