A beacon of truth

Steele Coddington

If there is one book in America that must be read by its citizens, it is “The War On Cops” recently published, written by Heather MacDonald. It is an historically important document listing clearly the truths concerning the administration of our justice system versus leftist political judgments that twist our laws to create chaos and legitimize false narratives. The book chronicles falsehoods, lies and political deception leveled against law and order issues that conflict so completely with the truth that you can only conclude there must be a carefully engineered leftist agenda intent on undermining the administration of justice to create purposeful chaos in the U.S.

It appears there are many forces at war for the soul of our country. Frighteningly the implications have the potential to deteriorate not only our way of life, but also to affect our individual understanding of civilized behavior. When the rule of law is falsely challenged by emotion, not fact, justice is hard to come by.

We have cited Heather MacDonald’s many previous articles on crime, culture, race and education. She is, in our judgment, the best investigative journalist in the country and what she reveals can be considered as gospel. Her courage and intellect are respected by the most important sources of truth anywhere. This includes testimony before Congress on most of the issues involved in “The War On Cops.”

This book compiles her reporting of the so-called “Ferguson effect” on our justice system and carefully exposes the disgraceful major media’s biased interpretation of most news affecting the police. Most importantly, “It deconstructs the central narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement: that racist cops are the greatest threats to young black males. On the contrary, it is criminals and gang bangers who are responsible for the high black homicide death rate.”

Each chapter of the book provides a truthful, legal, statistical, practical and/or experience rooted version of the false narratives so convincingly spun by inexperienced or biased reporters, columnists, academics or race industry enablers who have never seen the inside of a police car. One chapter in particular highlights the flawed statements of fact or opinion blaming race as the one always overriding factor that characterizes law enforcement’s involvement in every aspect of criminal justice.

For example, Chapter 19, “Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?” A section that should convince any fair interpretation of fact that discrimination and race are in the vast majority of cases untrue is established by examining case by case statistics. The favorite culprits of the race hustlers and political propagandists in the media include the charges of racism in cops over-arresting, prosecutors over-charging, judges over-sentencing, etc., etc. All these generalizations are refuted by factual analysis in detail so convincingly that it suggests the agenda of chaos on the left is to discredit any police encounter with the public by citing as fact one-sided exceptions or false narratives.

This is not a book theorizing academically on racial discrimination. It’s not a denial or discussion on the subject of whether there is racism in our society. This book is a brutally frank presentation on how racism is wrongfully attributed to law enforcement, based on emotion and political agendas that ignore truth. It is an amazing documentation of how false narratives are damaging to policing and diminish the protection the police provide to all communities. This is a book that braves the vicious dissenters and the spin- doctors whose criticisms are seriously lacking valid, factual, detailed accounts that in the vast majority of cases support the law enforcement attempts to fight crime in our neighborhoods. We are paying for it now in rapidly rising homicide rates all over the country.